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Dynamical river NETworks: climatic controls and biogeochemical function


Data Management Plan

The main data of the project will be stored into a suitable repository, that will include information about the instruments and tools used, according to a data management plan.

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Intraseasonal Drainage Network Dynamics in a Headwater Catchment of the Italian Alps

Author(s): N. Durighetto, F. Vingiani, L. E. Bertassello, M. Camporese, G. Botter
Published in: Water Resources Research, 56/4, 2020, ISSN 0043-1397
Publisher: American Geophysical Union
DOI: 10.1029/2019wr025563

Time‐lapse visualization of spatial and temporal patterns of stream network dynamics

Author(s): Nicola Durighetto, Gianluca Botter
Published in: Hydrological Processes, 35/2, 2021, ISSN 0885-6087
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
DOI: 10.1002/hyp.14053

Evaluating stream CO 2 outgassing via Drifting and Anchored flux chambers in a controlled flume experiment

Author(s): F. Vingiani; N. Durighetto; M. Klaus; J. Schelker; J. Schelker; T. Labasque; G. Botter
Published in: Biogeosciences, 2, 2021, ISSN 1726-4170
Publisher: European Geosciences Union (EGU).
DOI: 10.5194/bg-2020-327

The Stream Length Duration Curve: A Tool for Characterizing the Time Variability of the Flowing Stream Length

Author(s): G. Botter, N. Durighetto
Published in: Water Resources Research, 56/8, 2020, ISSN 0043-1397
Publisher: American Geophysical Union
DOI: 10.1029/2020wr027282

Hydrological controls on river network connectivity

Author(s): Silvia Garbin, Elisa Alessi Celegon, Pietro Fanton, Gianluca Botter
Published in: Royal Society Open Science, 6/2, 2019, Page(s) 181428, ISSN 2054-5703
Publisher: The Royal Society
DOI: 10.1098/rsos.181428

Contrasting signatures of distinct human water uses in regulated flow regimes

Author(s): Ferrazzi, Marta; Botter, Gianluca
Published in: Environmental Research Communications, 1, 2019, ISSN 2515-7620
Publisher: IOP
DOI: 10.1088/2515-7620/ab3324