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Co-Creating Misinformation-Resilient Societies


D 1.1: Co creation framework – building a sustainable ecosystem

D 1.1: Co creation framework – building a sustainable ecosystem [M7](R, PU): This deliverable is a report on the socio-technical requirements, challenges, opportunities, including a manual on running the pilots, legal framework and all necessary public settings.

D2.2 Policies and procedures for interventions deployment and testing

D2.2 Policies and procedures for interventions deployment and testing [M18](R, PU): In this deliverable, the recommended interventions and associated procedures will be fully described, as well as their expected impact and risks.

D5.1 Evaluation methods

D5.1 Evaluation methods [M12](R, PU): Description of the methods that will be used in the evaluation tasks of T5.1, T5.2, and T5.3.

D1.2: Pilot requirements and Service design

D1.2: Pilot requirements and Service design [M9](R, PU): In this deliverable, we will report the stakeholder requirements, and detail the design and plans of all pilots according to the expected documentation of result from WP4 and T1.1.

D3.2 Survey of misinformation detection methods

D3.2 Survey of misinformation detection methods [M12](R, PU): This deliverable will provide a literature survey of tools and algorithms for detecting various types of misinformation. Deliverable to be published as a conference or journal paper.

D6.1 Dissemination and communication action plan

D6.1 Dissemination and communication action plan [M6] (R, PU): A report that will address overall communication and dissemination strategy and its expected results, corporate identity, project logo and graphical layouts; guidelines for the implementation of communication and dissemination actions, identification and segmentation of communication and dissemination targets; tools needed to implement successful communication events, where the project should be represented; the timing of communication and dissemination actions foreseen to support the project visibility and communication to specific targets; the communication levels (European or national/regional/local) and the responsibilities attributed to each partner, indicators to measure the performance of the communication and dissemination and methods for monitoring and reporting the communication and dissemination actions.

D7.1 Data Management Plan (DMP)

D7.1 Data Management Plan (DMP) [M6, 24, 36](R, CO): Report detailing how data in the project will be managed, and how it will be protected from unauthorized access on the network, infrastructure and application levels. This includes detailed information on privacy/confidentiality and the procedures that are implemented for data collection, storage, access, sharing policies, protection, retention and destruction. The data management plan will follow the H2020 guidelines and comply with EU legislation. The report will also describe the security measures that will be implemented to prevent improper use, improper data disclosure scenarios and ‘mission creep’ (i.e.: unforeseen usage of data by any third party). Some potential “unforeseen usage” scenarios will also be reported.

D4.2 Generic Co-Inform architecture - Version 2

D4.2 Generic Co-Inform architecture - Version 2 [M9](P, PU): Version 2 of architecture.

D3.1 Content collection services

D3.1 Content collection services [M12](DEM+R, PU): This deliverable will describe the content collection services developed in T3.1, including their language coverage, content sources, and semantic enrichments. The deliverable will also detail the API for accessing this content.

D4.1 Generic Co-Inform architecture - Version 1

D4.1 Generic Co-Inform architecture - Version 1 [M5](P, PU): The deliverable focuses on interoperability at business and information level, to be developed in an agile manner.

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