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TowaRd market-based skills for sustAINable Energy Efficient construction


BIM roadmap

Proposed Roadmap for introducing BIM on national level, organized by the priorities , goals, main actions , responsible shareholders, budget and source of financing

BIM open tools

BIM, On-line tools

Web page KC and promotional materials

Web page and advertising material for the Knowledge center

Web site

Web site, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile

Flyers and documents for promotion of TRAINEE

Designing and printing of flyers and documents D 6.6 to be given and distributed while presenting TRAINEE in events, seminars, etc. is planned for at least 6 different events.

Communication and promotional material

Communication and promotional materials: 1000 project brochures and 1000 leaflets; 1000 notes, pencils with project logo for meetings and Conferences; 4 project banners; 500 Promotion brochures and 500 leaflets for Knowledge centre

BIM Survey report

BIM Survey report and recommendations , 15 pages, printed and electronic version

VQS Solar energy

Voluntary qualification schemes for solar energy on two level – 10 pages with occupation profiles and standards, training programs

Survey report

Survey report with recommendation–30 pages report form implemented survey for EU practice and Macedonian experience, Macedonian version

Promotional campaign

Report on promotional and education campaign, organized meetings, participants and interdisciplinary approaches identified, recommendations

Trainers data base

Template Database of certified trainers and template resister for certified workers

Developed Business plan for KC sustainability after project life

Developed Business plan for Knowledge Centre sustainability after project life

RPL Assessment materials

Assessment materials for extended RPL of previous non-formal education developed and printed

Catalogue of Training schemes

Catalogue of training delivered by project

List of BIM trainees

List of certified BIM professionals by international accredited provider

List of Trained architects

List of trained 40 architects

List of certified RES designers and Installers

List of trained 40 installers and 20 designers for solar energy systems

Piloting BIMM report

Piloting report, 30 pages about case studies and results from BIM usage

List of RPL certified workers

List of RPL certificates,300 certified blue collar workers; 40 civil technicians and 10 engineers

Training materials printed

Training materials and certificates 40 Training materials and 40 Certificates for RES Installers, 20 pages manual, 40 hand-outs; 20 training programs and 20 certificates for RES designers, 20 pages manual, 40 hand-outs; 40 training materials for architectures and 20 Certificates, 40 hand-outs; 50 training materials for BIM professionals, 50 certificates, 50 hand-outs; 500 catalogues for training schemes offer, 10 pages colour A4; 50 publications BIM pilot results, 30 pages collar A4; 40 training materials and 40 certificates for Capacity building of Knowledge centre, 30 pages Manual for RPL procedures; 350 assessment materials and 350 certificates (application package, candidates profile) – 300 blue collar workers; 40 civil technicians, 10 engineers

RPL Model

Model for extended RPL methodology for building professionals (V&VI level of NQF) with special aspects of quality assurance

Workshop materials

Programmes and workshop materials for dedicated workshops/conferences; Papers from wide BIM conference will be ORDP deliverable type

Training materials architects

Training materials for 2-days training for architects, Agenda, slides, manuals

Methodology for mutual recognition

Prepared methodology for mutual recognition of EE construction skills with EU countries and report from piloting phase

Training materials Solar energy

Training materials for two level modules for solar energy developed and printed – Agenda, slides, manuals

Training programme and material for BIM

Training programme and material for BIM (4 programmes)


Beyond the numbers - Result oriented report of the project TRAINEE

Author(s): Stojanovska-Georgievska, Lihnida; Spasevska, Hristina; Ivanov, Risto
Published in: Issue 1, 2020
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management centre K&S Skopje
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4311827

Post Occupancy Evaluation, methodology and piloting report”, Knowledge and Skills Center,

Author(s): Igor Pancehvski, Zhanina Stamenkova and Risto Ivanov
Published in: 2020, ISBN 978-608-4903-06-2
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management centre K&S Centre

Design and installation of photovoltaic systems - Handbook for building profesionals and blue collar workers

Author(s): Risto Janevski, Margarita Ginovska, Hristina Spasevska, Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska, Ivana Sandeva, Aleksandar Krleski, Nikolina Shutinoska
Published in: 2019, ISBN 978-608-4903-00-0
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management centre

Catalogue of training offer of the Knowledge and skills management Centre

Author(s): Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska, Hrisitina Spasevska, Risto Ivanov, Jadranka Arizankovska
Published in: 2019, ISBN 978-608-4903-03-1
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management Centre

Handbook for integrated and systematic access in developing of EE buildings for architects

Author(s): Zhanina Stamenkova, Risto Ivanov
Published in: 2019, ISBN 978-608-4903-02-4
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management centre

Design and installation of solar-thermal systems - Handbook for building professionals and blue collar workers

Author(s): Igor Seso, Margarita Ginovska, Hristina Spasevska, Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska, Ivana Sandeva, Aleksandar Krleski
Published in: 2019, ISBN 978-608-4903-01-7
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management centre


Author(s): Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska, Hristina Spasevska
Published in: 2019, ISBN 978-608-4903-07-9
Publisher: Knowledge and skills management centre K&S Skopje

Sustainable renewable energy system installations through qualified and skilled workforce: TRAINEE approach

Author(s): L Stojanovska-Georgievska, I Sandeva, A Krleski, H Spasevska and M Ginovska
Published in: 2019 HKCBEES Rome Conference Abstract book, ICGET 2019 4th International Conference on Green Energy Technology, 2019, Page(s) pp.32
Publisher: Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (HKCBEES)

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