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LIVING INNOVATION - Implementing RRI through co-creation of smart futures with industry and citizens


Virtual Community Platform

D2.3 - Virtual Community Platform: Fully developed and programmed online platform for virtual interaction between members of the community (month 10)

Project branding and communication materials

D5.3 - Promotion materials: This includes a consistent visual identity, a project flyer, leaflets aimed at specific target audiences, portable rollups and stands to be used at workshops and events, customised animated presentations and online visual content (banners, infographics). (month 3)

Evaluation and synthesis of RRI and CSR sector initiatives and success factors

D1.1 - Evaluation and synthesis of RRI and CSR sector initiatives and success factors: Systematic assessment of existing corporate and sector initiatives targeting RRI and CSR with regard to their characteristics and success factors, as well as potential/conditions for transferability (month 6)

Community Building and Engagement

D2.1 – Community Building and Engagement: Documentation of results of community building activities and consultation on needs and expectations of community members (month 10).

RRI Community Building Handbook

D1.2 - RRI Community Building Handbook: Guidance on the design, development and maintenance of a sectoral virtual community (month 10)

Workshop Design and Implementation Plan

D4.1 - Workshop Design and Implementation Plan: Systematic assessment of RRI and co-creation tools and methods with regard to effective implementation of industry-citizen collaboration. It informs the specific design and recruitment strategy of each co-creation workshop. (month 10)

Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results

D5.1 - Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results: Detailed analysis of target groups, as well as all measures and channels employed for communication, dissemination and exploitation of results (month 3)

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Meaningful collaboration for responsible innovation

Author(s): Katharina Jarmai, Heike Vogel-Pöschl
Published in: Journal of Responsible Innovation, 2019, Page(s) 1-6, ISSN 2329-9460
DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2019.1633227