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COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks


Context/situational awareness services

This deliverable will document the various situational awareness models that will be developed in T5.1. It will also document their accuracy levels in real-world operations and how those models are improved over time.

COG-LO integrated platform and front-end (draft)

Integrated COG-LO platform with APIs for 1st pilot iteration. This will also incorporate the integration guidelines of the platform for further pilot adaptations.

Knowledge formalization and generation services

A set of near real-time control measures that will be provided to the logistic operators in the form of suggestions

Security, privacy and trust (draft)

This deliverable will document the various mechanisms devised for providing COG-LO with security, privacy, and trust. It will cover all respective COG-LO technologies, notably access and usage control, cryptography, and the distributed blockchain-based infrastructure.

Optimization services (draft)

This deliverable will include the software and the report of the developed online optimization services. The report will detail the algorithmic implementation and the effect of the suggested control measures from the online optimization services to the real-world operations. This report will contain also clear instructions of the input/output formats

Cognitive advisor tool (draft)

Prototype with API and documentation of the Cognitive advisor.

Message and Service Bus (draft)

This deliverable will document the technology and prototype of the Message and Service Bus (MSB), including the data and service access mechanism.

Cargo Hitchhiking tool (draft)

Prototype with API and documentation of the Cargo Hitchhiking tool.

Coordination mechanisms (draft)

This deliverable will concern the COG-LO coordination technologies, notably the process management framework and the SIoT-based hybrid ad hoc social networks.

COG-LO web site

Project's web site with all available public information. Also, discussion platforms based on Web2.0 tools (LinkedIn, etc.) allowing stakeholders to provide their feedback during the evaluation activities.

Cognitive Logistics Objects Framework (draft)

This deliverable will contain the generic framework and the basic theoretical analysis of the tools and models used by COG-LO including also adaptation guidelines. Also will deploy those guidelines into the three pilot cases. A complete (draft) version will be submitted on M6 and an updated one (final) on M24.

Evaluation methodology and pilot scenarios definition (draft)

The complete set of pilot scenarios/ test cases along with the evaluation methodologies/ KPIs.

Multi-criteria decision support services (draft)

This deliverable will report the developed multi-criteria decision support services. The optimization criteria will be described along with the operational constraints from the logistic operators. In addition, D5.4 will provide information about the implementation of the multi-criteria decision support services in terms of reliability improvement of the scheduled deliveries

COG-LO ontological framework (draft)

This deliverable will document the various COG-LO data models and, in particular, the ontologies that will constitute their implementation.

COG-LO use cases and system requirements (draft)

This set of documents includes the analysis of user requirements based on use cases and derived system requirements, both functional and non-functional.

Dissemination and marketing plan

Plan for dissemination and marketing activities, report on activities and relevant material (training materials, demos, papers, brochures, newsletter, other).

Business cases definition and scope analysis (draft)

This deliverable will contain the business success criteria (impact drivers), the organisation aspects implied and the identification of necessary knowledge sharing. Those aspects will be linked with the pilot scenarios & high-level expectations from COG-LO. A complete (draft) version will be submitted on M6 and an updated one (final) on M24 after the end of the 1st pilot iteration (to cover any updates identified in the analysis, development and pilot operation process).

COG-LO architecture definition (draft)

This deliverable will present the overall system architecture, defining the different layers and building blocks, as well as their internal and external interfaces

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