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Coordination and support Action for Mobility in Europe: Research and Assessment


Establishment of performance framework

D2.1 Establishment of performance framework (M08, BHL). Deliverable on Task 2.1 outlining the definition, structure and methodology that will be used in the performance framework, including details on the metrics, KPIs and goal for each of the 5 layers.

Mobility Report 1

The first annual report covers all the results of the assessment done up to the report delivery date including as an Annex the minutes of the second workshop. The deliverable reports on the WP2, WP3 and WP4 outcomes for the first annual report.

Gaps, bottlenecks and results: The methodology

D4.1 Gaps, bottlenecks and results: The methodology (M10, UOW). A deliverable reporting on the high level details of the methodology that will be used in the WP2, following T4.1 and T4.2 descriptions.

Mobility modelling assessment: guidelines and handbook

D3.1 Mobility research assessment and modelling: guidelines and handbook. (M09, INX). Report on CAMERA performance assessment methodology and tool (Mercury), describing the approach, methodology and capabilities, following task 3.1/Pillar B.

Database of stakeholders

D5.1: Database of stakeholders (M4, DBL). The database will contain a list of relevant stakeholders and stakeholder groups identified in Task 5.1. The database will be regularly updated throughout the project.

CAMERA Website

The project's public web site, updated regularly with the latest project data, events and findings.

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