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ONCOlogic patient profiling and personalized treatment through SMART bedside diagnostics


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Development of a system for the setup and the analysis of in-vitro co-cultures of cells

Author(s): A. P.
Published in: 2021

Machine Learning methods for the automatic cell detection in Cellply tests

Author(s): A. C.
Published in: 2021

Development of a Graphical User Interface for the automatic analysis of Cellply tests

Author(s): L. G.
Published in: 2021

Study of Power BI analytical functionalities

Author(s): L. R.
Published in: 2020

Machine Learning and Image Processing methods for the automatic cell classification in a diagnostic in-vitro platform

Author(s): L. T.
Published in: 2021

Statistical Model and methods for immune cell profiling in cell therapy applications

Author(s): S. M. M.
Published in: 2021

Inter-Cell Networking Profiling Enables Comprehensive Characterization of Immune-Mediated Activity of Anti-CD38 Therapy through Ex-Vivo Analysis of Multiple Myeloma Patients.

Author(s): Alice Bettelli, Rita Ruggiano, Silvia Bocchi, Laura Rocchi, Andrea Faenza, Enrica Borsi, Carolina Terragna, Elena Zamagni, Marina Martello, Marco Bettelli, Laura Rambelli, Viviana Guadagnuolo, Nicola Pecorari, Luca Giulianelli, Matteo Pisani, Dario Biscarini, Michele Cavo, Roberto Guerrieri and Massimo Bocchi.
Published in: Blood, 2019