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Deciphering the tEmperature history of troPIcal oceanS: a cOccolith clumpeD isotopE approach


Calcification Temperature of Surface Oceans: A Coccolith Clumped Isotope Approach

Author(s): Mejía LM, Fernández A, Zhang H, Guitián J, Pérez-Huerta A, Bernasconi S & Stoll H
Published in: 2019, Page(s) Poster
Publisher: Goldschmidt Conference

Coccolith clumped isotopes: A new approach to surface ocean’s SST reconstructions

Author(s): Luz M. Mejía, A. Fernández, J. Guitián, H. Zhang, A. Pérez-Huerta, S. Bernasconi, H. M. Stoll
Published in: 2019, Page(s) Poster
Publisher: 13 Internationl COnference on Paleoceanography

Colombia, ETH Doctoral Excursion. Chapter 11: Climate Change Effects on Colombian Biodiversity

Author(s): Mejía, Luz María (organizer) Ott, Richard (organizer) Echeverria Pazos, Leonardo (organizer) Erlanger, Erica (organizer) Auderset, Alexandra Cafagna, Fabio Elison, Patrick Fomin, Ilya Guitián, José Hawemann, Friedrich Kueter, Nico Mandl, Maximilian Moretti, Simone Oestreicher, Nicolas Kyochi Paneva, Nadezhda Petschnig, Paul Preuss, Simon Reitano, Riccardo Renz, Tobias Revels, Brandi N. Wang, Y
Published in: 2018, Page(s) 43-47
Publisher: ETH Zurich
DOI: 10.3929/ethz-b-000327761

Reconstructing ocean temperatures using coccolith clumped isotopes

Author(s): Mejia LM, Fernandez A, Zhang H, Guitian J, Bernasconi S, Stoll H
Published in: 2020, Page(s) Oral Presentation/Sharing geo cience online
Publisher: European Geosciences Union 2020

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