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Religious Toleration and Peace


Harmonized metadata scheme

Harmonized metadata scheme as a diagram/plot including explanations as a blog-post

Integration list of data

IEG will integrate a list of data for the VRE in a descending order of priority.

Online manual VRE

Online manual with explanations to used standards

Infrastructure diagram

Publication of the infrastructure diagram

Report on the Corpus

This report will make an overview of the peace treaties and agreements and their sources to be studied in WP2.


RETOPEA’s website will be a tool for both Communication and Dissemination. The site will be used to communicate news about the project, and to host material such as the versions of the docutubes. The website will also enable access to the Virtual Research Environment and the Badged Open Course.

Individual exploitation plans researchers

A series of plans describing the opportunities for exploitation that arise during and after the project. The plans will draw attention to data, knowledge and IPR management.

Report of the standardised workflows

Report of the standardised workflows as blog-posts or wiki entries for all user groups

Intermediate report internal meeting 2

Intermediate report of the internal meeting of WP3, evaluating the first research results on historical and present representations of religious coexistence.

Progress report (year 1)

First annual progress reports of the individual researchers

Report on the VRE

This report will contain all necessary information for the construction and use of the VRE.

Intermediate report internal meeting 1

Intermediate report of the internal meeting of WP2, evaluating the first research results on historical peace treaties.

Dissemination Plan

Dissemination plan with implementation actions. The document will define specific dissemination activities to reach the different categories of stakeholders: this will include identifying relevant specialist journals, websites, mailing lists, and social media groups, and defining targets for reaching these channels. The plan will set a strategy to identify channels and targets for dissemination of RETOPEA’s research results, including academic journals and conferences.

Communication Plan

Communication plan with implementation actions. The plan will design both a media and a social media strategy. It will also design the visual identity and house style of the project.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Definition of the project's key performance indicators at the kick-off meeting in Mainz.

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan, determining and explaining which of the generated research data will be open. RETOPEA will participate to the Pilot on Open Research Data. The plan will updated during the project in accordance with the project’s reflection on data management

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