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Functionally Integrated E-axle Ready for Mass Market Third GENeration Electric Vehicles


Quality and data management plan, contracts and reports

Description of the quality and data management procedures undertaken in the project, including harmonised contracts and reports guidelines. Link to WP8, Task 8.1.

Project website, communication strategy and draft exploitation plan

Description of the project website and on-line launch, of the project communication strategy (including synergy with other RDI) and draft exploitation plan of the e-axle components. Link to WP7, Task 7.2.

Mid-term report on dissemination and communication activities

M18 report on the dissemination and communication activities (update of the initial plan, objectives reached, adjustments, if needed). Link to WP7, Task 7.1.

E-axle specification input

Input for the e-axle as per results of the preliminary design phase, including end-user requirements and manufacturability/recyclability criteria. Link to WP3, Task 3.1.

Dissemination and innovation management strategy

Definition of the detailed dissemination and innovation management strategy Link to WP7, Task 7.1.

Reliable and scalable design ready for mass manufacturing and dismantling

Description of ab-initio design criteria for manufacturing and dismantling of the e-axle. Link to WP1, Tasks 1.3/1.4.

Driving cycles specification and end-user requirements

Definition of the driving cycle and testing procedures; definition of the requirements of the OEM, based on the customer demands. Link to WP1, Task 1.1.

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European Innovation for Next Generation Electrified Vehicles and Components

Author(s): Eric Armengaud; Omar Hegazy; Bernhard Brandstätter; Valentin Ivanov; Reinhard Tatschl; Michele De Gennaro; Aldo Sorniotti; Joeri Van Mierlo; Christof Schernus
Published in: IEEE International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo (ICCVE), 2019

The H2020 project FITGEN: preliminary results and design guidelines of an integrated e-axle for the third-generation electric vehicles

Author(s): Michele De Gennaro, Peter Scheuermann, Tobias Wellerdieck, Vittorio Ravello, Gianmario Pellegrino, Elena Trancho
Published in: TRA 2020, 2020

Interim results of the H2020 project FITGEN: design and integration of an e-axle for the third-generation electric vehicles

Author(s): Michele De Gennaro, Patrick Buechel, Alfredo Primon, Oreste Bertini, Paolo Pescetto, James Hoyles Page
Published in: EVS 33, 2020