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Bringing together the Knowledge for Better Agriculture Monitoring


Dissemination and Communication Strategy

Comprehensive strategy and plan that describes the communication and dissemination activities to be undertaken at EU and national/regional level in an effective manner to help maximise the impact of the CSA.

End User Requirements Collection and Foresight Methodology

This deliverable will describe the project methodology for the collection of user requirements, feedback mechanisms and creating foresight.

Guidelines on the improvement for forecast of agricultural yields v1

This deliverable will consist in concise scientific and technical guidelines on how to improve the Copernicus programme for agricultural yields for the 3 identified components (yields forecast, yields estimation and yields potential) and the establishment of implementation scenarios highlighting necessary scientific and technological developments for the top priorities within the task.

Guidelines on EO ICT support improvement to stakeholders v1

This deliverable will integrate the lessons learned and provide implementation scenario guidelines for services in the agriculture domain on how to utilize the DIAS service infrastructure to achieve advancement in the service availability and support of stakeholders.

Training and Hackathon Activities - Intermediate Report

Initial report on the organised training and hackathon activities. This will include the hackathons results.

Overall architectural model from Copernicus Components to specific Agri-Apps

The deliverable will present results of the Architectural model by defining and describing relevant building blocks characterising end to end systems in the agriculture domain.

Collaboration Framework for Global and EU initiatives - Draft

This is a draft deliverable on the strategies and agreements on sustainable collaboration between major players in the agriculture, Earth observation and open data domains.

Guidelines on the improvement for precision agriculture v1

This deliverable will include scientific and technical guidelines on how to improve the Copernicus programme for precision agriculture, in particular focusing on the improvement for monitoring of hydrological stress and water need and the improvement for assessment of crop diseases and nutrient deficiency.

Community Building Concept

This deliverable includes the methodology for organising similar events by other organisations. This will help with continuation of the INSPIRE hackathons and other training events.

Dissemination and Communication Report & Materials v1

The deliverable on the planning will be followed by summary reports on the concrete activities performed during the project, including milestones achieved and learnings and recommendations for the next strategy review and long-term vision on Communications. The deliverable includes the various dissemination materials compilation: Flyer, 6-monthly newsletters, fact sheets, roll-ups, etc.

Initial Workshop - User Requirements and Gap Analysis in Different Sectors Report

The needs and gaps collected on the workshop will be analysed and reported for each stakeholder group sector identified by tasks 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5. The workshops will aim to collect initial needs.

Guidelines on the improvement of future missions support for thematic applications v1

This deliverable will include an analysis on the opportunities for technologies not currently being deployed within the Sentinels fleet and at proposals for future missions, as well as an analysis on issues related to the uncertainty associated with some of the products that is large with respect to the changes that need to be identified in the agriculture domain.

Data Management Plan v1

The purpose of the DMP is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used with regard to all the datasets that will be generated by the project. The DMP will reflect the status of the data that will be produced: identifier and description for each data set, reference to existing suitable standards, description of how data will be shared and description of the procedures that will be put in place for long-term preservation. The DMP is not a fixed document but evolves during the lifespan of the project. The first version of the DMP is expected to be delivered within the first 6 months of the project and will be in compliance with the template provided by the Commission. More elaborated versions will be delivered at later stages of the project, by the mid-term and final review to fine-tune it to the data generated and the uses identified by the consortium since not all data or potential uses are clear from the start.

Project website

Project website at, including regular updates as the project develops.

Catalogue of EO and Agri service systems and components (Web portal) v1

Catalogue of EO and Agri service systems and components (database & Web portal).

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Connecting the Dots. Community building for Earth Observation based Agriculture and Food Security

Author(s): David Kolitzus, GeoVille Bente Lilja Bye, Plan4all
Published in: EO4AGRI website, 2019
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3520669