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Beamline for Tomography at SESAME


Specifications for the radio-protection hutches

Delivery of specifications for the radio-protection hutches

CFT Radiation Safety Hutches

Launch of the Radiation Safety Hutches CFT

Scientific Case

Report on the Scientific Case for a Micro-Tomography Beamline

Comparison Super-bend vs 3PW, report

Report on superbend vs threepole wiggler lattice comparison

Required hard- and software, report

Report on the required hardware and software for the tomography beamline

Kick-off Meeting, Report

Report on the Kick-off meeting

"Project Annual Meeting #1 report"

Notes of the first Project Annual Meeting

Final photon source design, report

Report on the final photon source design

Front-end specifications for CFT

Delivery of front-end technical specification for tender

Front-end thermal analysis, report

Report on the front-end thermal analysis results

Magnet technical specifications for CFT

Delivery of magnet technical specification for tender

SESAME Data Policy document

SESAME Data Policy Document

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