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A holistic and Scalable Solution for Research, Innovation and Education in Energy Transition


Educational Programmes Deployment Plan

Deployment plan to serve as the basis for scheduling and organising the delivery activities and users support, co-developed by tasks 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.

ASSET Stakeholders engagement strategy

This document is the outcome of task 1.1 and include both the outcomes of the interviews with stakeholders regarding their expectations as well as the Public Outreach Strategy which will differentiate stakeholder groups, tailored messages, channels to be employed, whose responsibility it is and when the activity is to occur.

Research design on societal aspects related to energy transition - methodology & data collection

The deliverable will include a research design on the societal aspects related to the energy transition with a comparative approach and sampling of case studies performed in T2.1.

ASSET Communication plan and materials

Description of ALL the dissemination and communication strategy, target audiences and communication tools of the project, outcomes of tasks 5.1 and 5.2.

ASSET programs on EMMA: User Manual

The report will provide user manuals providing guidance and policy information for the different target groups on how to use the EMMA platform and produce the MOOCs. It is the outcome of task 4.1.

Learning goals catalogue for the energy sector

This deliverable will provide the outcomes of task 2.3. It includes the first version of the catalogue of learning goals in the energy sector, defining the target skills that need to be acquired through the learning programes.

Design of monitoring tools

It is the output of task 2.4 and includes a reasoned set of monitoring tools. While due date it M10, this deliverable remains as a living document throughout the project lifetime.

ASSET ecosystem activities M8

This deliverable will report the outcomes of tasks 1.2 and 1.3 by M8 so as to review the achieved values of KPIs and take any corrective action if needed.

ASSET Dissemination and communication activities report

This deliverable reports the dissemination and communication activities, the achieved values for the relevant KPIs and any decision on modification of the dissemination and communication plan. It is the outcome of task 5.3.

Learning Graphs

This deliverable is the outcome of task 3.1. It will include the learning graphs and the design of the modules for the Energy Transition Programs. Reference to the relevant online tool to construct graphs and associate learning elements will also be included.

Report on RIE needs related to energy transition

This deliverable reports the outcomes of tasks 2.2 specifying the KSC needs including also SSH (T2.1) - relevant KSCs to drive the design of education research and innovation programes. The deliverable will clearly demonstrate findings on the knowledge, skills and professionalization of the experts operating in the field of energy transition as well as findings of the mismatch between the competences' profile of experts and actual skills required on the ground of energy transitions projects (training needs).

ASSET project website and social media channels

The specific deliverable comprises the official web site of the project and its presence (accounts) in selected social media and networks. It is the outcome of task 5.2.

ASSET Learning Materials - v1

This deliverable describes the explicit links between the learning graph structure and the learning material; it describes and provides the learning material and its use and integration in university programmes; it is the outcome of tasks 3.2 and 3.3.

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Electricity demand and carbon emission in power generation under high penetration of electric vehicles. An EU perspective

Author(s): E. Gryparis, P. Papadopoulos, H-C. Leligou and C.S. Psomopouloς
Published in: TMREES Conference Series: Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, 2020