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Design and implementation of Radio access emulation tool

In this deliverable the design and implementation details of the different emulation solutions will be provided, including component lists and interconnection diagrams.

Characterization of the railway environment: channel models & general characteristics

This deliverable will provide a complete analysis of the currently available physical-layer models of the channel, to be provided as an input for the radio access emulation tool. Therefore, this deliverable will provide a detailed survey on the several existing channel models, analysing their applicability and accuracy to be implemented in the emulation tool.

Quality Plan

Report describing general procedures of the project, aimed at increasing the general quality of project actions.

Report on dissemination activities

Feedback on the activities which took place during the lifetime of the project.

Application layer requirements for communications systems in railway environments (stream a)

This deliverable will be focused on the requirements from services and highlevel applications towards the lower levels of the communications protocol stack in order to evaluate the needs for the radio access emulation tool All the services considered in this project will be characterized in terms of throughput delay jitter traffic pattern etc

IP impairments models

Models of IP impairments to be used in the network emulator to emulate the air gap at IP level.

Experimental assessment of the communications based on the Radio access emulation tool

In this deliverable the results of the experimental assessment of the different emulation solutions will be presented. These results will include IP-performance parameters (e.g. throughput, delay, jitter, etc), for different radio physical layers and different railway channel conditions.

Dissemination plan

This deliverable will provide a strategy for dissemination of results to all partners.

Data Management Plan

The DMP is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the project partners and target audience with regard to all the datasets that will be generated by the project. The DMP will evolve during the lifespan of the project. It will be developed per the Horizon 2020 guidelines, and will reflect the agreed requirements for protection of the different data being shared.

High-level design of Radio access emulation tool (stream d)

This deliverable will include a conceptual design of the Radio access emulation tool, including details about the different building blocks of the proposed emulation solutions.

Present and future railway communications scenarios: description of perturbations with impact on railway communications (stream c)

This deliverable will be focused on the investigation of the perturbations that could have impact on radio communications systems in railways that could lead to degraded modes, interferences and other non-desired scenarios. This first report will present a set of preliminary scenarios and the solution for their implementation in WP2. An emphasis will be done in future services and use cases.

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