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Joint programming actions to foster innovative CSP solutions


Project website in place.

The website will be the key instrument for the communication activities and dissemination purposes, from the joint call promotion to the dissemination of the results, going through the monitoring process. Once the project website is ready and working, it will be accessible to general public and targeted audience.

Reports of progress update to EC and internal KPIs monitoring and quality control: 1st Delivery

PC and JS will be in charge of redacting the reports to the EC, with the support of the consortium partners. As a part of the progress reporting, the internal progress update of ERANET KPIs accomplishment will also be presented and analysed.

List of stage 2 successful projects

List of stage 2 proposal phase successful projects and notification (after evaluation through at least three independent experts). This final list of transnational projects selected for funding is to be included in the first compulsory deliverable to the Commission.

Selection Summary Report (compulsory deliverable for the Commission)

Transnational project Selection Summary Report . Report on projects selected for funding (compulsory deliverable). This compulsory deliverable will include: the ranking list(s) of the projects; the observers' report on the evaluation; the joint selection list of the projects to be funded; from each consortium partner participating in the joint call, a formal and signed commitment on availability of funds for the selected projects; summary information for each of the projects on the selection list (including short project abstract and summary participant data). (to be submitted to the Commission within 60 days of the end of the Stage 2 full proposal phase selection procedure)

Launch of the co-fund Call

The Call will be publicized widely for maximum exposure to all relevant stakeholders, assuring it will reach all the target audience. There will be direct contact through newsletters. A database will be created gathering relevant contacts of industry and academia. There will be a number of events organized to increase the audience reached for each of the Calls. These events will enable and ease consortia shaping. • National info days in each participating countries by each partner, held before the launching of the Calls. • An open European info days, held in Brussels before the launching of the Calls. • A Brokerage event, co-located with an existing event, most likely the European info days.

EU communication and media package

European communication and media package will be developed, comprising a project graphic design, EU project website, a postcard, a brochure and infographics (M4-End of project)

Coordination Seminar: 1st delivery

Coordination and Communication Seminar for projects approved in the co-funded Call. The objective of this seminar is to outline the guidelines that are expected to be met by the project. It will be held once the call has been resolved and representatives from the projects approved will be invited to participate. The seminar will count on the presence of experts in each of the subjects that will be addressed: • Financial management and technical coordination • Project reporting: how to justify the reports • Communication and dissemination

List of stage 1 successful projects

This deliverable involvers: Eligibility check and assessment, including: organizing consensus meeting to finalize Stage 1 proposal phase assessment results; compiling list of project consortia to be invited to submit a full proposal for evaluation; inviting selected consortia to submit a full proposal. The task leader will oversee the clearing phase with the compilation of the short list of full proposals with funding commitments from the agencies.

Communication and dissemination plan

EU Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination plan. AEI is the WP leader and will coordinate the JS and the partners in the implementation of the Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination Plan. It will be elaborated and fine-tuned in the first phase of the project. The drafts for dissemination and communication plans are provided in section 2.2 of the proposal.

Call Text, Call Guidance Notes and Publicity material.

• A Call Text outlining the scope of the Call, its objectives, expected impacts, evaluation criteria, timescales, budget, criteria for participating consortia and guidelines for applications. The Call Text will be submitted to the Commission for approval at least 30 days before publication and dissemination of the Call. The period between the launch of the Call and the submission of preproposals as well as period between notification of applicants on preproposal assessment results and submission of full proposals will be each minimum 60 days. • A Call Guidance Note to describe the two stage evaluation process, internal procedures and timelines, and to serve as guidelines for all Consortium partners and evaluators. • Publicity material: Press notes and publication of notes and text in ERA.NET portal, in consortium platform as well as in each of the partner's webpages.

Application Form and Evaluation Forms.

- Application Forms for preproposals and full proposals that reflect the evaluation criteria outlined in the call documentation. - Evaluation Forms for Stage 1 proposal phase, and Stage 2 full proposal phase.