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FabLab as Entrepreneurship supporting tool for innovation agencies


Minutes from the peer learning workshop on FabLab business model

The deliverable will describe services which are essential for running FabLab to fulfill needs of SMEs or in order to stimulate makers to build their own companies. Second part will be focused on the topic of business. model of running place like FabLab. Private/public funding, membership fees, services fee will be covered under this topic, as well as sharing of good practice in cooperation with corporates and its added value for SMEs.

Design option paper on FabLabs as service for SMEs

The document will integrate all the findings gained in the course of the project activities. DOP will cover the following main areas: - Existing services in FabLabs for SME support and their limitations - Designing an innovation support service based on FabLab - Ways how to achieve sustainability of FabLab services, cooperation with stakeholders (corporates etc.) The text will include real life examples of challenges encountered and successful solutions identified by agencies running FabLab. These will serve as illustrative examples of good practices proven by undertaken peer reviews. Moreover, a set of recommendations to ensure effective implementation under various scenarios will be provided.

Report from opening workshop

The aim of the deliverable is to benchmark of current FabLabs involved in the project and services they offer to SMEs. The deliverable will include each partner experience and design of current programs. Partners will strive to identify the main challenges and obstacles of running FabLab as a service for SMEs in their regions.

Data management plan

Data Management Plan (DMP) will define what data the project will generate, whether and how it will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be curated and preserved. The initial version will be prepared by M6 and will follow the template proposed in Guidelines on Data Management in H2020. Data management plan will be updated in final report

Minutes from the peer learning workshop on FabLab operation

Topics that will be addressed: safety, 24/7 access, reservation system, e-shop for materials and membership. Knowledge base for members, instructional workshops, internal processes, discussion forum for members, rules of FabLab

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