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Technology in mail business re-engineering

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TIMBRE! Lumber-jacking old mail systems.

Incompatibilities throughout Europe present major problems with mainstreaming the European drive towards smooth societal integration. In many cases compatibility is not a major issue, however in the case of cross-boarder mail services, the issue is dire indeed. Incompatible mailing systems can result in mail loss, slowed mail delivery time and a general clutter in mailing systems.

Industrial Technologies

With the advent of TIMBRE (Technology In Mail Business Re-Engineering), comes compatible integration posted with a multitude of mailing innovations that redefines mailing systems, modernizes procedures and integrates cross-boarder mailing techniques. The package TIMBRE delivers, consists of various innovations such as the potential for electronically addressed mail, detection of submission errors, early re-routing of incorrectly delivered mail, accurate statistics for calculating Terminal Dues (which are the payments made between Posts for cross boarder deliveries) and improved detection and reduction of mail fraud. Yet TIMBRE's advantages aren't merely mechanical or systematic. Not only does TIMBRE improve overall mail handling, it also adds to the overall improvement of worker conditions, allowing for more flexible working practices, the possibility of teleworking for staff and greater security against exposure to harmful elements such as contaminants, exotic animals, letter bombs and other dangerous items that can appear in the mailing systems. Overall TIMBRE provides indispensable innovation and an additional stamp of approval to today's mailing systems.

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