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An advanced electronic commerce environment for bi/trimedi programming, delivery, interaction, co-operation, commercial transaction the broadcasting sector

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TRIMEDIA establishes a best business practice pilot for advanced/multidimensional Electronic Commerce (EC) in the European broadcasting industry for TV, radio and Internet. Trimedia is targeted to the development of new trimedial broadcast formats and the tools to produce it, resulting in improved shared business processes among European broadcasters.

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Involving both technological and editorial innovations, TRIMEDIA combines the creation of a Programming Electronic Commerce environment (PEC), a Business Electronic Commerce environment (BEC), and an Interactive Electronic Commerce Environment (IEC), through which all parties will interact electronically, resulting in improved shared business processes among European broadcasters for Radio, TV and Internet. The Programming Electronic Commerce environment (PEC), contains a model for organising factual content (Video, stills and text) for delivery production and editing across different media. Innovative aspects include a Transfer tool editing software, enhanced for WAN-transfer via ATM and a Mobile interactive transmission (Video and Audio) tool, allowing the user to document an event while receiving audience reactions. The Business Electronic Commerce environment (BEC) is a universal platform for cross-media content management and messaging. Additionally, The Interactive Electronic Commerce Environment (IEC), is a continuously updated Online news service, allowing the integration of any format of information from different sources via TV and radio, for a rich trimedial presentation on the web. In Berlin, TRIMEDIA became truly visible when millions of ravers once again cramped the streets at the city`s Love Parade in summer 1999. The LoveScout was on his way, carrying on his back the Urban Jungle Pack, a tiny multimedial information unit allowing for mobile reporting with continuous transmission of audio and video information, being in reality a portable computer embodying the mobile services, SMS and WAP, and broadband technologies, ADSL, Broadband Broadcasting and Digital Television. Shortly afterwards, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ORB began broadcasting from the 7th October 1999 until the 18th March 2000 one of the longest documentary series in the history of media, where thousands of viewers followed the trimedial programme ”Chronik der Wende” on German television. A milestone in innovative documentary formats, produced by a common platform for the three media. Just two examples of the innovative developments in TRIMEDIA, a project offering various promising innovations, all centering around intelligent solutions for media convergence and business practice in European broadcasting. Useful link:

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