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Configurable radio with Advanced Software Technology

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An intelligent mobile telephony architecture

CODA, a new system architecture, holds the key to seamless mobile telephony in a world of varying telephony protocols and standards.

Digital Economy

The mobile telephony industry has skyrocketed over the past decade to such an extent that mobile telephones are no longer considered a luxury item. They are now viewed as indispensable gadgets for anyone of any age, economic standing, or social class. The global community has long been divided in terms of the accepted standards and protocols for the technology supporting mobile telephony. Europe was uniquely innovative in moving forward with the Pan-European GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) standard for digital mobile telephony. GSM quickly became the world's most widely used system, outdoing competing standards from America and Asia. Research supported by the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme is helping Europe maintain its lead in this highly lucrative industry. Complex Organic Distributed Architecture (CODA) represents the next generation of system architectures. It prescribes an intelligent system that can reconfigure itself on-the-fly to adapt to varying protocols and standards. Based on intelligent business concepts such as the Viable System Model, CODA is divided into five functional layers. The five layers address: users, mobile station(s), base station(s), global management and finally operations. Each layer is supported by a data warehouse that cleverly filters and translates incoming data into a usable format. CODA was successfully demonstrated through the IST project CAST. Its innovative innate self-learning autonomous nature will enable consumers to use the same mobile phone anywhere from Europe to America to Asia, no matter what standards are employed. Additional research and development support will help ensure that Europe remains at the forefront of mobile telephony, an industry forecast to continue rapid growth globally.

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