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Eye in the sky measures biomass potential

Biomass is the amount of biological material in a given area and is an important source of renewable energy. A method for gathering data on the potential availability of biomass has been developed by a European research project using earth observation (EO)


Analysis of remote sensing data is the most practical way of measuring land cover, providing an efficient, cost-effective and reliable way of monitoring the global, regional and local environment. It also enables isolated and inaccessible areas to be accurately assessed. The framework developed by the EU-funded project 'Classification of European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and earth observations' (Ceubiom) has provided a harmonised approach for conducting bioenergy assessments. It includes existing data from European, national and regional records together with information collected in the field. Project partners have also created a platform for raising awareness among the scientific community by disseminating information and best practices on the use and applicability of the methodology developed. In addition, the platform can train EO, agricultural and forestry professionals to use the new, harmonised approach and achieve a better understanding of each others activities and requirements. The Ceubiom initiative has developed an accurate and efficient way of determining the biomass potential thereby boosting the European bioenergy sector. The project also supports the EU's drive towards sustainable development and use of renewable forms of energy.

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