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Promoting and linking Wood Industry and Research in Romanian Regions using good practice from acknowledged wood clusters in the EU

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Clusters provide economic benefits for wood sector

Economic potential in Romania can be boosted with the help of an EU-funded project for developing cluster initiatives in the local wood industry.

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A fact-finding analysis was conducted at the beginning of the Pro-wood project to determine the needs of the wood sector in the Brasov-Covasna area in Romania. Findings revealed insufficient cooperation between research and business, and a minimal company presence online. Additional problems included a need for qualified marketing staff, poor collaboration between education institutions and business, and no suitable vocational training. There was also a lack of awareness of the benefits to be gained from research activities. The Pro-wood project addressed these challenges by involving experts and local stakeholders. Partners visited schools to talk about their work and a competition was organised to raise pupils' awareness of employment opportunities within the wood industry. Training seminars on e-commerce and marketing have been conducted for consortium members and the sharing of machinery know-how has been organised in the region. A workshop on the subject of 'Increasing the efficiency and performance of woodworking companies' has also been held. Furthermore, project partners have developed a vision for acknowledged wood clusters that includes objectives and measurable results. A framework for improving online services has also been created. Pro-wood has brought together existing elements to strengthen stakeholder collaboration in the wood sector. It has successfully raised awareness of the concept of cooperation and the benefits it can bring. The initiative can be regarded as a model project for Romania's national cluster policy.

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