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Linking Russia to the ERA: Coordination of MS´/AC´ S&T programmes towards and with Russia

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Linking EU–Russia research interests

Although the EU and Russia have worked together in many fields such as science, education and culture, there is much room for strengthening joint cooperation in a number of areas. An EU initiative advanced a long-term scheme to foster joint projects in science and technology (S&T).

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The EU's ERA-NET scheme has already worked hard to advance research among EU Member States (MSs) and Associated Countries (ACs), particularly on topics such as S&T. With the support of EU funding, the project 'Linking Russia to the ERA: Coordination of MS'/AC' S&T programmes towards and with Russia' (ERA.NET RUS) worked to develop and test advanced joint funding schemes to facilitate collaborative research. To achieve its aims, the project analysed the Russian S&T system and funding mechanisms for international cooperation, mapping current S&T collaboration and highlighting Russian participation in EU projects. It also produced a report on opportunities and needs for advanced cooperation of S&T and innovation programme owners in MSs, ACs and Russia. ERA.NET RUS also documented programmes supporting S&T cooperation in basic, applied and innovation-oriented research, as well as international collaborative S&T projects involving relevant institutions. In addition to outlining a concept for coordinating S&T activities, the project prepared and implemented two pilot joint calls that laid the groundwork for future joint activities. These include larger-scale calls, the development of joint programmes and promoting the adoption of common high-level standards for their implementation. The calls were promoted by brokerage events, which matched partners from all regions involved. A sustainable programme was developed to reinforce cooperation with the Russian science community over the long term. To this end, a report was produced with recommendations on establishing thematic ERA-NETs. A foresight study was prepared that outlined potential priorities and perspectives of MSs, ACs and Russian cooperation in research, development and innovation. Long-term sustainability goals were also supported by conferences and workshops. ERA.NET RUS helped to raise knowledge on bilateral and national S&T programmes and identify common areas for S&T collaboration for Europe, Russia and ACs. The full potential of cooperation and common vision between scientists will be realised in the years to come.


Joint cooperation, science and technology, collaborative research

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