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Piedmont taking part to a transalpine agreement to foster Biotechnologies in Europe.

On the 9th of February 2006 a partnership agreement has been signed in Grenoble to create a unique zone of transalpine excellence in the sectors of bio- and medical technologies. France, Switzerland and Piedmont have been working together in the past on bi-national projects and have decided to confederate launching a tri-national cluster in life and health sciences.

Bringing together the cities of Grenoble in France’s Rhône-Alpes region, Turin area in Italy’s Piemonte region and the Western Switzerland The Adebag (FR), the Bioindustry Park (IT) and BioAlps (CH) sign a partnership agreement and create the very first European BioAlpine Convention. Grenoble, the 9th of February 2006 – The Adebag in Grenoble (France’s Rhône-Alpes region), the Bioindustry Park near Turin (Italy’s Piemonte region) and BioAlps in Western Switzerland are pleased to announce the signature of a partnership agreement which will create a zone of transalpine excellence in the sectors of bio- and medical technologies. The three founding institutions have already worked together in the past on bi-national projects ,and this agreement confirms their desire to create, a unique geographical entity in the realm of bio- and medical technologies, with a strong common identity and international visibility. Having gained rich experience as they have worked to promote and develop their local institutions, the Adebag, Bioindustry Park and BioAlps now wish to build a federation based on their local networks, creating a tri-national cluster in life and health sciences. This partnership agreement will permit the three organisations to build synergies, exchange best-practices and facilitate access to resources, scientific expertise and high-tech equipment, bringing together different participants in this sector, notably those drawn form an industrial or financial background who can help to support projects. The partnership’s first major event The partnership between the three organisations will kick off very soon as the Adebag, the BioIndustry Park and BioAlps are currently organising a huge project of European stature: the European BioAlpine Convention. Inspired by the « Biotech Innovation » Forum which was organised in the past two years by the Adebag and the BioAlps Convention organised in 2005 by BioAlps, the European BioAlpine Convention will bring together researchers and industry figures and will highlight the stakes involved when building partnerships between researchers and industry. To be hosted every year by France, Italy and Switzerland in turn, the inaugural edition of this event will be held the 6th of October 2006 in Grenoble, France. For this first edition of the convention, the theme will be NeuroScience. This theme was chosen due to its broad appeal and application as well as the wealth of expertise available in each of the organising countries. During the day, the Convention will offer visitors the possibility of attending scientific conferences and company presentations, as well as a technology market, with the clear aim of attracting leading European practitioners. Young scientists who have shown great potential will also be given the chance to demonstrate their work and make themselves known to industry, leaders and financers thanks to a poster session. The three organising bodies are benefiting from the support of the CRI SOFRAA (Centre for Innovation Exchange - Western Switzerland / France Rhône-Alpes Auvergne). A Scientific Committee of the highest calibre In order to ensure that this new event becomes a major fixture for researchers and European industry leaders, the organisers have selected a scientific steering committee of the highest calibre. Made up of twelve professors and European doctors specialising in Neurosciences and representing both public and private research equally, as well as new and innovative companies, the scientific committee includes the following experts: § President: Claude Feuerstein, currently President of the Adebag and piloting the programme of the future Institute of Neuroscience of Grenoble, he is also the coordinator of the « Handicap, Aging and Neuroscience » cluster for the Rhone-Alpes region. § Public Research: o Pr. Mauro Fasano, Associate professor in Biochemistry and Vice-President of the Department of Structural and Functional Biology at the Scientific University of Insubria (Italy) o Pr. Michel Jouvet, Member of the French National Academy of Science, Professor emeritus at Lyon University 1, former Director of the CNRS, Laboratory Unit URA 1195 and the Laboratory of Oneirology at the Inserm, Unit U 52 (Lyon) o Pr. Ann Kato, Department of Neuroscience at Geneva’s faculty of Medicine, President of the Swiss Committee for the Organisation of the European Federation of Neuroscience in Geneva in 2008 o Pr. Leonardo Lopiano, Professor in Neurology in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Turin, covering movement disorders and in particular, the surgical therapy of patients suffering from Parkinson disease at the Central University Hospital in Turin o Pr. Pierre Magistretti, Director of the Centre for Psychiatric Neuroscience, Department of Psychiatry CHUV/UNIL (Lausanne) and co-Director of the Brain Mind Institute (EPFL) in Lausanne, outgoing president of the FENS (European Federation of Neuroscience Companies) o Pr. Piergiorgio Strata, Professor of Neurophysiology at the University of Turin, Director of the Rita Levi Montalcini Centre for brain repair and President of the National Institute of Neuroscience in Italy § Private Research : Multinational companies o Dr. Hervé Perron, Director of research into neurological diseases for bioMérieux (Lyon) and scientific Director at Geneuro (Switzerland) for Multiple sclerosis o Dr. Fulvio Uggeri, Director of the Centre for Research of Bracco Imaging in Milan New and innovative companies o Dr. Laurent Choppe, CEO of Neurochem International in Lausanne o Dr. Silvano Fumero, founder and CEO of Creabilis Therapeutics in Turin,, founder of the BioIndustry Park o Dr. Xavier Priquel, founder and CEO of ISIS, specialising in robotics and medical imaging (Grenoble) The committee will meet very soon to decide, based on the general theme of Neuroscience, which topics that will be developed during the European BioAlpine Convention, and to draw up the final agenda for the event. Adebag (Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes): the Association for the Development of Biotechnologies in the Grenoble Conurbation (ADEBAG) brings together and federates Universities and research centres, local public institutions and economic players to ensure the development and promotion of biotechnologies, bio-industry and healthcare-related technologies in Grenoble area. Contact : Valérie Ayache – Project Manager – Tel. : 04 76 44 65 64 – Email : Bioindustry Park (Turin-Piemonte): The Bioindustry Park is a science park aimed at promoting and developing Research and Development activities and hosting companies working in life-sciences. The park benefits from a Laboratory of Advanced Methodologies (LIMA), which offers a range of services and research activities in molecular biology, biotechnology, chemistry, imaging, bioinformatics and proteomics. The park also contains a bio-incubator (Discovery). Contact: M. Fabrizio Conicella – Project Manager – Tel :. +39 0125 561311 – Email: BioAlps (Western Switzerland): A non-profit organisation that brings together members from the economic and academic spheres in French-speaking Switzerland. BioAlps’ mission is to promote French and Italian-speaking Switzerland as a centre for excellence in life sciences, research and teaching institutions as well as local companies. Contact: M. Philippe Sordet, President, Tel. : +41 21 316 63 98 - Email :


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