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The Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations makes available 450,000 EUR for Russian scientists participating in the EU's FP6 "third country top up call."

An approximately EUR 450,000 budget has been made available by the Russian Federal Agency for Science & Innovations for Russian scientists and scientific teams participating in the recently announced "third-countries top-up calls" of the EU’s FP6.

In response to the “FP6 third countries top-up call" (FP6 TTC) which was published on 15/02/06, the Russian Federal Agency for Science & Innovations has "matched" this FP6 call with its own initiative, whereby it offers "top-up" funding from the Russian science budget for Russian participants in this dedicated FP6 call: it has published a call, with an overall budget of 15 million Russian Roubles (approximately Euro 445,000) in which the participation in one of the recent FP6 TTC calls is one of the explicit eligibility criteria. The call covers the areas of: - Nano-system industry & materials (corresponding to the FP6 priority 3) - Life sciences (corresponding to the FP6 priorities 1 & 5) - Energy and energy efficiency (corresponding to the FP6 priority 6.1) The funding limit for any one proposal under this call is 1.5 million Russian Roubles (approximately Euro 44,500). For more information about this Russian call, please contact the Russian Federal Agency for Science & Innovations in Moscow (in Russian): E-mail: , Contact telephones: (+7-495) 629-4874, 629-1824, 629-6235, 930-8956 The Russian call announcement is available under "Приоритетное направление "Развитие инфраструктуры" (XIII очередь)" at"