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MEMS Markets will double over the next five years according to a new market report by NEXUS

enablingMNT experts have been involved in a new market report by the European NEXUS Association that predicts the MEMS market to grow from $12 billion in 2004 to $25 billion in 2009, a CAGR of 16%.

Berlin, Germany: The “NEXUS Market Analysis for MEMS and Microsystems III, 2005-2009” report sees MST/MEMS sensors and actuators consolidate their position in established IT peripheral markets for read/write heads and inkjet heads, in addition to creating new opportunities in areas such as microphones, memories, micro energy sources and chip coolers. enablingMNT ( market researchers expect the automotive sector to remain a major application field with several high-volume safety products including air bags and tire pressure monitoring systems. The major boost to the growing market will be the consumer electronics segment, which is forecast to almost quadruple its share from 6% of the MST/MEMS market in 2004 to 22% in 2009 (a CAGR of 50%). Experts see rear and front projection TVs for home theatre, as well as HDDs serving the increasing storage requirements of digital equipment such as DVD recorders, digital cameras and camcorders, and portable MP3 players. A big driver is the mobile phone, which already features motion sensors and is amenable to a variety of additional sensors and functions like liquid lenses for camera zoom, fingerprint sensors, microfuel cell power sources, gas sensors and weather barometers. Key findings: In 2009, read/write heads continue their dominance with 50% of the market. A new development is the ascendance of microdisplays (e.g. from Texas Instruments), which nudge the stable market for inkjet heads into third place. Of the 26 products analysed in the new report, 14 will have market volumes over $100 million, and completely new products such as microfuel cells, fingerprint sensors and liquid lenses will be together worth $250 million in five years. All markets are broken out by component price and unit volume trends over the study period. Key manufacturers are identified in each market segment. The “NEXUS Market Analysis III, 2005-2009” has 240 pages, features 55 tables and diagrams, and is available from enablingMNT. The report has been edited by the NEXUS Task Force on "Market Analysis for MST" which was led be WTC, Germany. Key contributions have been made by the enablingMNT team. A few diagrams are available for free download from For more information, please contact Patric Salomon at: 4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH, Cranachstrasse 1, 12157 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 30 2435 7870, E-mail: Web: About NEXUS NEXUS (The Network of Excellence in Multifunctional Microsystems) was initiated by the European Commission to promote microsystem technology (MST) and pursue MST adoption by European industries in order to strengthen and secure Europe’s competitiveness in world markets. The Task Force on "Market Analysis for MST" was established in 1996 and was charged with producing an application oriented, in-depth study of the MST market. The first market analysis report covering the years 1996 - 2002 was published in 1998 and, rapidly, found world wide recognition. A second market analysis report, extending the forecast to the years 2002 to 2005, was published in 2002. These first two editions will be denoted "NEXUS-1" and "NEXUS-2" in this study. NEXUS has grown steadily during the past nine years to become an independent non-profit association operating for the benefit of its membership. About enablingMNT enablingMNT comprises a group of independent experts, with extensive and wide-ranging industrial experience, who advice Micro and Nanotechnology organizations on product commercialization and business development. enablingMNT is a truly international consultancy organization with partners in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands and world-wide links. All partners have a long-standing industrial background with experience gained from their work in companies such as Philips, BAE Systems, OnStream, Memscap, Marconi, Frost & Sullivan and VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik. The team is well versed in all commercialization issues relating to the supply chain of MNT: from concept through to product. With this expertise, the team addresses specific customer requirements, particularly, in relation to: Market Research and Forecasting, Exploitation Strategies, Marketing & Publicity, Partner, Supplier and Customer Identification, and the System Approach to Engineering. This collaborative research of the enablingMNT team has, to date, culminated in a series of in-depth intelligence reviews on the supply chain of micro and nano technologies (MNT): enablingMNT Industry Reviews. About enablingMNT Industry Reviews Driven by user/supplier demands for technology-pull, the reviews in this enablingMNT series are focused on all aspects of the micro and nano technology (MNT) product lifecycle; from concept through to production. They describe how a selected topic is linked into the supply chain from product idea, technology development, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging and test, into volume production. The enablingMNT reviews analyze the critical issues encountered during the creation process of MNT-based products and provide guidance with regards to the approaches taken to overcome barriers and challenges. All reviews include a comprehensive listing of services offered in the field (including current contact information). The emphasis is on the provision and availability of fully commercial services, infrastructure, and suppliers considered to be essential for the commercial realization of MNT-based products. It is expected that enablingMNT industry reviews will motivate new applications for MNT, enhance confidence in the technology as well as help identify funding sources for research and development. They highlight trends from the facts and the prospects. Supported by significant players in the field, the reviews are produced and edited by the enablingMNT team. enablingMNT industry reviews are offered at a competitive price of Euro 280 per specialist report: • Foundries for MST/MEMS (NEW!) • Suppliers of Processing Services for MST/MEMS • Test- and Measurement Equipment Suppliers for MST/MEMS • Suppliers of Materials for MST/MEMS Production • MNT Web Directories and On-line Communication Channels • Equipment Suppliers for Nanofabrication • Back-End Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers for MST/MEMS • Front-End Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers for MST/MEMS • Packaging & Assembly Providers for MST/MEMS • Design & Engineering Companies for MST/MEMS Coming soon: • Design & Engineering Companies for MST/MEMS 2006 update • MNT Design, Modelling, Simulation Tools • Packaging & Assembly Providers for MST/MEMS 2006 update




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