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ACHEMA 2006 - Comprehensive information for chemistry, biotechnology and materials research

At the ACHEMA, to be held from May 15 to 19 Mai in Frankfurt/Main, FIZ Karlsruhe will present comprehensive electronic sources of information for the chemical industry / scientific databases offer information on all areas chemistry and related fields /focus on high-quality databases covering materials and materials research, biotechnology and international patents

Through its online service STN International - The Scientific and Technical Information Network - FIZ Karlsruhe offers its customers all over the world more than 200 sci-tech online databases with about 500 million searchable records. Information found in these databases can be used, e.g. as input for electronic information and knowledge management solutions. 95 percent of the database content is scientific and patent information on all areas of chemistry and related fields. Specifically compiled high-quality data are also available for biotechnology, pharmacy, materials and materials research, environmental technology, food production, energy and, in particular, on patents and patent claims in the sector of the chemical industry. Database records include data on substances and other information from scientific, official and company publications. Topics cover all aspects of research and process design, marketing, sales and patents. FIZ Karlsruhe will present its information products from May 15 to 19 at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt/Main at a joint stand with FIZ CHEMIE Berlin (stand no. C25/D25) in hall 1.2. With 4,000 exhibitors and about 200,000 expected visitors from 100 countries, the ACHEMA is the biggest international exhibition for chemical technology, environmental protection and biotechnology. FIZ Karlsruhe’s most prestigious databases to be presented are ICSD (Inorganic Crystal Structure Database), DGENE (Derwent Geneseq) with information on nucleic acid and protein sequences from international patents, and WPINDEX (Derwent World Patents Index), the world‘s most important patent database. Derwent WPI – patents from 41 industrialized countries Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) covers patent information from the world’s 41 most important industrialized countries, from the European Patent Office and the WIPO. Also included is patent-related information from Research Disclosure, containing defensive publications, and from the journal International Technology Disclosure. At the end of 2005 the WPI files (WPINDEX, WPIDS and WPIX) were adapted to the IPC Reform (IPC8) and now offer, among other features, new, in-depth details about patent families, thus providing a comprehensive overview of patenting activities worldwide. ICSD – inorganic crystal structure database ICSD is a basic source of information for materials research. This numerical database covers facts on inorganic and metallic crystal structures, including atomic coordinates, molecular formula, crystal symmetry group, unit cell parameters and temperature factors. The information can be quickly searched for using keywords, search terms or the formula. About 90,000 structures published from 1913 to the present are documented; sources are international publications. FIZ Karlsruhe also provides a depot for detailed structure information in addition to scientific publications from publishing houses. Besides its convenient search and display functions, ICSD offers various useful programs, e.g. for the calculation of cell parameters. Therefore, materials researchers highly appreciate this database and mainly use it in their corporate intranets. Both single- and multiple-user licenses are available. ICSD is also offered on CD-ROM and as an internet version. DGENE – gene sequences for biotechnology DGENE (Derwent Geneseq Datenbank) covers more than 7.8 million bio- sequences (about 5.2 million nucleotide and 2.6 protein sequences) from international patent documents. This makes it one of the world’s most important sources of biotechnology information. If a sequence is entered as a search term, special search algorithms not only find identical sequences, but also parts of sequences contained in the database which to a great extent are similar to those the customer is searching for. The percentage of similarity is indicated, and similar parts are highlighted on the screen. Like most databases offered by FIZ Karlsruhe, DGENE offers a current awareness alerts feature. With these so-called SDIs (Selective Dissemination of Information), both searches for direct match and similarity searches are available. If requested, the system automatically checks whether a predefined sequence or part of it are contained in the database. An ideal tool for efficient competitive intelligence! Further information: FIZ Karlsruhe STN Europa P.O. Box 2465 76012 Karlsruhe Germany Phone: +49-7247-808-555 Fax: +49-7247-808-259 E-mail: URL: Press contact FIZ Karlsruhe Rüdiger Mack Phone: +49- 72 47- 808- 513 E-mail: Rü


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