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Europe and Siberia getting closer in IST

The SITE project, running since July 2004, takes stock of the interim results achieved regarding the promotion of collaboration between Siberia and Europe in IST:

Inspite of a challenging timetable, SITE - “Siberia, Information Technologies and Europe” - exceeded the number of proposals promised under FP6: Siberian research teams were involved in 11 proposals submitted to IST, four of them to the Call 6. Moreover, a multilevel support network of 64 local and regional contact points for IST has been established in the Sibirsky region and successfully trained, and a searchable database with 245 profiles of Siberian research teams with strong potential for IST is online. Face-to-face and online opportunities for targeted partnering have been set up to enhance the sustainable integration of this distant Russian region into the European research community. The Sibirsky region of Russia, covering an area in excess of 5 million km², actually possesses a huge potential for IST: Since during World War II numerous industrial plants, factories and research centres were moved to Siberia, the region nowadays hosts some 250 research institutes and approximately 66,400 researchers. However, when the SITE project started in July 2004, there was little cooperation between Europe and Siberia in IST. Thanks to the activities of SITE, European researchers have by now much better chances to find highly competent, well informed and motivated research partners in Siberia to increase the quality of their proposals. Funded within FP6/IST, SITE is coordinated by Singleimage, Cambridge, UK. AEER/Association for Engineering Education of Russia, represented by the Polytechnical University of Tomsk, Russia and FFG/Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna, Austria, are partners. For more information, please visit or contact Ms Petra Reiter FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency Donau-City-Strasse 1 A-1220 Wien +43 5 7755 4205 +43 5 7755 94205


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