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Groundbreaking European Think Tank for eParticipation

European Commission funds international think tank of expert researchers in the new field of eParticipation

Bringing together 19 leading research institutions from across Europe, DEMO-net will set a new standard in global eDemocracy research, where the ultimate aim is to enable broader and better informed participation in policy development. Each member of this EU-IST funded Network of Excellence has been picked due to its international prominence in the upcoming area of eParticipation. This 6 million Euro funded project will provide answers to the following questions: The DEMO-net think-tank’s principle objectives are threefold. These are to: Prof. Ann Macintosh, Strategic Research Coordinator, from the International Teledemocracy Centre based at Napier University in Edinburgh, stated: "This is a fantastic opportunity for Europe and European researchers to address the growing problem of political apathy which is increasingly affecting European democracies. This new think tank gives us the vital resources to renew democracy at European, national and local levels." Nanna Skovrup, Administrative Project Coordinator, from Digital North Denmark, adds: "The County of North Jutland and Digital North Denmark are proud to be leading this network. It is highly appropriate that we lead its development as we are already at the forefront of the use of innovative technologies to reinvigorate people in the democratic process."




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