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1st joint Summer School organised by two Networks of Excellence

For the first time, the DELOS and MUSCLE Networks of Excellence organised a joint Summer School. The event was held in San Vincenzo, Italy, and the topic covered was Multimedia Digital Libraries.

About one hundred European universities and research centres have been involved over the last few years in initiatives addressing multimedia data analysis, computer vision and object recognition, multimedia management in large audio and video collections. Currently two Networks of Excellence, partially funded by the European Commission, are addressing these subjects within the sixth EU Framework Program, namely MUSCLE and DELOS, both coordinated by ERCIM. In the scope of their respective dissemination and training activities, MUSCLE and DELOS organized a joint summer school in June in San Vincenzo, Italy, with the support of CNR Pisa, INRIA, CWI and the University of Modena. Attracting researchers from all over Europe and relying on the expertise of MUSCLE and DELOS, the summer school presented software tools and research strategies to enable users to move away from labor-intensive case-by-case modelling of individual applications, and allow them to take full advantage of generic adaptive and self-learning solutions that need minimal supervision in the field of new generations of digital libraries. Technologies for multimedia digital libraries span over many disciplines: information systems, knowledge representation, computer vision, audio and image processing, compression and storage, machine learning and information retrieval, multimedia data mining, cross-media analysis, user interfaces and interoperability. On these topics, the school program invited highly qualified lecturers and international researchers, addressing theoretical approaches and practical solutions. Among the leading researchers involved were: James Wang – Pennsylvania State University Fernando Pereira – Instituto Superior Tècnico Lisboa Nicu Sebe – University of Amsterdam Milind Naphade – IBM T J Watson Research Center Alex Hauptmann – Carnegie Mellon University Padraig Cunningham – Trinity College Dublin Jia Li – Pennsylvania State University Alan Smeaton – Dublin City University


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