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“Spotlight on Russia in IST” - EoI to the IST networking session in Helsinki now possible

The EU-Russian networking session called “Spotlight on Russia in IST”, organised jointly by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER), is now online. Expressions of interests can be posted at the website of the annual IST event in Helsinki via

The launch of FP7 coincides this year with the most important annual European IST event which will take place from 21st to 23rd November 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. The programme addresses the role of ICT research in innovation, competitiveness and social benefits. Apart from scientific and technical sessions, workshops and networking sessions are planned to encourage further discussions and new contacts. The networking session “Spotlight on Russia in IST” intends to lay the basis for future EU-RU collaboration in IST and related areas of FP7. By building on results of IST- as well as relevant INCO, INTAS and other ICT-related projects of FP6, the networking session will • provide a glimpse on the history of ICT-research in Russia and an overview of the current situation and the potential for FP7 • highlight significant examples of research achievements of Russian research teams, pinpointing the research excellence in view of FP7/IST • offer information about EU-RU projects in IST and related areas of FP6, emphasizing opportunities for well directed EU-RU partnering and networking in view of FP7 • organise an EU-Russian brokerage event, with special attention to non-central Russian regions such as the Sibirsky region which hosts more than 66000 researchers The networking session will highlight the current IST-infrastructure available across Russia to support EU-RU collaboration in IST. Most notably, the session aims to offer the framework for a stimulating sharing of experiences and views and the establishment of new contacts among researchers and other stakeholders active in research in the EU and Russia. Interested European and Russian researchers and other stakeholders are invited to contact us or to express their interest online via the IST event website. For further information, please contact Ms. Petra Reiter FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency Sensengasse 1 A-1090 Vienna Phone: +43 5 7755 4205 eMail:


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