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Improving scientific cooperation between EU and NIS countries

NIS-NEST is a project co-funded by the FP6 - NEST Programme to strengthen the cooperation between EU Member States and Eastern European countries in the areas of Frontier and high risk research.

NIS-NEST is a Specific Support Action funded by the NEST Programme (FP6). It aims to contribute towards closer and mutually beneficial collaboration between the EU and several NIS Countries (New Independent States) in the field of novel exploratory Research. Seven partners originating from Greece, France, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Republic of Moldova are participating to this project which started on first of May 2006 for a duration of 24 months. Among the main activities of NIS-NEST, in each Eastern European participating country, a mapping of active researchers and research organisations in exploratory Research areas or emerging needs, will be undertaken in order to create a Database. Such a tool will therefore assist both EU and Eastern European researchers in identifying counterparts to build up EU projects during the course of FP7. Information days, workshops and several awareness activities will take place in order to encourage the participation of the relevant target groups from NIS countries to 7th Framework Programme. More information on the objectives of the project, on the consortium and on how to contact participants is available on the NIS-NEST website. A leaflet (in English, French and Russian) is already available for downloading. A Newsletter, published on a quarterly basis, will be available soon.


Belarus, Greece, France, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine