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eHealthNews.EU Portal is announcing a new service named eHealthNews.EU Portal Group. It represents a free service which helps to communicate European eHealth related news effectively using e-mail and the web.

Currently eHealhtNews.EU Portal covers several major eHealth news topics and in special: - Industry News, - Research News, - Conferences News, and - Open Calls. eHealthNews.EU Portal Group is based on the new Google Groups interface. Google Groups is a simple, reliable service for managing and archiving mailing lists; it offers both basic mailing list functionality and the ability to store and search mailing list content on the web. As an eHealthNews.EU Portal Group member you can choose how you would like to be notified. You may choose to receive an email message every time a news article is posted to the group, to receive a summary email or simply read the group on the web. For further information and in special for seeing eHealthNews.EU Portal Group in action, please visit