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EPISTEP project offers support to SMEs

The EPISTEP project is offering free support to SMEs that wish to engage with some of Europe’s leading companies and major players in research & development in the areas of mobile communications, embedded systems and nano-electronics.

A pan European project, called EPISTEP, is aimed at taking ICT companies to the heart of European research.Companies participating in the EPISTEP project will have the opportunity to engage with some of Europe’s leading companies and major players in research & development in three of the key sectors of the European economy: · Wireless and mobile communications · Embedded systems · Nano-electronics Small and medium sized companies who register with the on-line database ( will have first option to take part in missions, partner brokerage events and international conferences at which senior R & D staff from companies such as Ericsson, Philips, Nokia, Siemens, ST Microelectronics, Daimler Chrysler, Thomson, etc., will be represented. There is no cost to companies registering on the database. The EPISTEP pilot project is part funded through the EU’s Framework Programme and will operate across 15 European countries plus Israel over the next two years. It will also enable European and Israeli companies to network with like minded companies working in similar or complementary sectors. George Boag, Chief Executive of Targeting Innovation, the project co-ordinator, commented, “European companies are often criticised for not spending enough on R & D, but this project offers smaller companies a real opportunity to get into high level European wide R & D projects at an early stage”. Further information can be obtained: - from the EPISTEP website at - by writing to the EPISTEP team at


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