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GoodFood project launches demonstration call

The EC funded Integrated Project GoodFood (IST-FP6-508774-IP) “Food Safety and Quality Monitoring with Microsystems” is launching a Demonstration phase for on-site testing of systems being developed within the project.

Expressions of Interest for collaborating in the Demonstration Projects, specially coming from End Users and System Manufacturers SMEs are welcome. Subjects addressed are: - GF-DEMO-01: “Monitoring for the chilled/frozen fish logistic chain based on Flexible Tag Microlab (FTM) system”: A Demonstrator of a Flexible Tag Microlab (FTM) will be available for temperature and time inlay monitoring. - GF-DEMO-02: “Microsystem for the evaluation of fish freshness”: A Demonstrator will be available for the determination of fish freshness through the sensing of volatile amines expelled by fish. - GF-DEMO-03: “Flexible tag datalogger for wine quality control”: A Demonstrator of a Flexible Tag Microlab (FTM) will be available for the traceability of a wine bottle, including information of environmental conditions during storage and transport. - GF-DEMO-04: “Ambient Intelligent Site for the vineyard”: A Demonstrator of an Ambient Intelligence Platform with data analysis models will be available for quality & safety monitoring during wine production. For more information on the Demonstration Call and on how to present an Expression of Interest please visit


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