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The FP7 Coach: vehicle to success (eBook on FP7)

Published in the form of an “eBook” with regular updates, "The FP7 Coach: Vehicle to Success" provides practical guidance to write persuasive proposals more efficiently. Eventually, subscribers will receive a complete reference book with many inspirational ideas to help sharpen their writing skills, as well as how to manage FP7 projects.

When seeking funding for their research, many researchers and research managers write proposals to the European Commission each year. Typically, the total amount asked for in response to a Call exceeds the monies available by a factor of 5 to 10, depending on the Programme. Roughly this implies an average success rate of 10%–20%. A great deal of information is available and easily accessible through the Internet – mostly free of charge. This information is published either directly by the Commission services or by associations, universities, and consultants. While all of this free information is definitely useful, it also is scattered among many different sources. Moreover, there is a lot of overlap which makes it difficult to find new facts, whilst wading through the tenth document or visiting the twentieth website. But, most importantly, virtually all of the available information focuses on the “what” and barely touches the “how”. It is here where The FP7 Coach: Vehicle to Success comes in. Built around six distinctive phases that are valid for each FP7 project, The FP7 Coach: Vehicle to Success will tell research managers and others interested in obtaining funding for their research from the Seventh Framework Programme, how to prepare and submit a proposal that will maximise their chances of success. In addition, this book describes how – once a contract has been established with the Commission – to carry out complex matters such as project management, administrative, legal, and regulatory aspects: administrative and financial burdens that can become a bureaucratic maze if the rules of the game are neglected, ignored, or misunderstood. With the aid of "The FP7 Coach: Vehicle to Success", researchers and research mangers will be able to spend more time working on their projects, instead of worrying about administrative duties and paper work. Full of “how to” information, this eBook is an indispensable help to every research organisation interested in the Seventh Framework Programme, from writing FP7 proposals to R&D project management. Clear flow charts, tables and checklists help one to absorb the information quickly and to understand the links between the different sections, thus ensuring that the big picture remains visible, whilst essential details will be provided. Real-world examples provide comprehensive help and an inspiring source of ideas on how to present information in a succinct and persuasive manner, thus increasing the probability of getting the proposal funded. Where further understanding on certain subjects can be useful or desirable, detailed appendices are included for those who want to dig deeper. The eBook concept is unique in the sense that it will be regularly updated. Periodically, active subscribers will receive additional and/or updated chapters.


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