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A new stage of implementation for Electrochimat

Electrochimat is a project financed by the Ministry of Education and Research/The National Authority for Scientific Research from Romania through its Program CEEX-"Excellence in Research". The project started in September and the duration is 25 months.

Is a well known fact that Europe has to face extremely technological development and strong global competition, and it is particularly important to strengthen international research area as a pillar of the Lisbon strategy for the nanotechnology sector. As a member of the European Union, Romania made considerable investments in research to stay in the race. A good example is ELECTROCHIMAT - Investigations on electrochemical obtained micro and nano structured composite materials for sustainable development applications, a complex project of basic research, started in September 2006. Electrochimat project is currently in the second stage of implementation, its main goal being the electrochemical design and synthesis of conductive nanostructured composite materials with polymeric or metallic matrix. The participants in the ELECTROCHIMAT represent a broad spectrum of disciplines including electrochemistry, physical chemistry, physics, materials science, biological engineering. Funded by a grant from the National Authority for Scientific Research of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, through the "Excellence in Research" Programme – CEEX, the ELECRTOCHIMAT project represents researchers from the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) as coordinator, the Institute of Physical Chemistry “ILIE MURGULESCU”(ICF), the National Institute for Research and Development in Machining Technology (ICTCM), the National Institute for Research and Development for Physique of Materials (INCDFM), the National Institute for Research and Development for Micro technology (IMT), the Center for Microbial Biotechnologies (BIOTEHGEN) and expertised consultants from FM Management Consultancy (FMMC), as partners. ELECTROCHIMAT developed a comprehensive research program to explore the assembly of complex materials and buildings blokes at the nanoscale level and to develop the means of communication of the obtained advances to the interested partners. The properties of these composite materials are very important: catalytic for hydrogen gas reaction, and electrochemical oxidation of organic waste, corrosion inhibition of some metallic materials and finally bio-recognition properties of some protein enzyme.