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Lack of brainpower threatens the success of Baltic world-leading companies

Invitation to the media: On 11 June, leading representatives from business, government and research will participate in a seminar - Talents on Top of Europe - at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. The seminar, arranged in connection with Germany’s EU Presidency, will highlight key components necessary for the future success of northern Europe’s knowledge driven economies.

Today’s knowledge society is increasingly demanding a highly skilled work force and a steady stream of talented young scientists. The Life Science and IT/Telecom (ICT) clusters in the Baltic Sea Region, with world known enterprises such as Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, Nokia, and Siemens, need to push their research and development further to stay competitive on the world market. But will there be enough brainpower available on Top of Europe to support such a push or will these research facilities have to move elsewhere? Professor Børge Diderichsen, Vice president at Novo Nordisk, Denmark: In several parts of the region, investments in education and research is increasing, but for these investments to pay off, it is essential that there is a sufficient number and diversity of competent and motivated students, scientists and engineers to take up the vacant positions at the universities, in the companies, in the hospitals and in other public institutions. Therefore, we need to mobilize and coordinate our resources to create a strong regional training and recruitment platform. In parallel, conditions should be created to attract and retain foreign talents as well as expatriates. Mr Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Chairman of Baltic Development Forum and former Foreign Minister of Denmark: The information and communication technology sector represents a sector of opportunities. We must use these opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region to develop and position the region as a “Smart Region”. Let us combine state-of-the-art information technology with day-to-day services. Among the key note speakers at the seminar are: • Dr. Harald Ringstorff, President of the German Bundesrat and Minister President of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern • Mr. Bertel Haarder, Minister for Education in Denmark • Professor Børge Diderichsen, Vice President Novo Nordisk • Mr. Uwe Hermann, Senior Director Siemens AG Time: 11 June 2007 from 09.00-14.00 Place: The Nordic Embassies, Rauchstrasse 1, Berlin Seminar Programme: Enclosed to the invitation The press is invited to take part in the seminar Talents on Top of Europe. A separate press meeting is arranged from 11-11.30 at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. The Seminar is arranged by the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, ScanBalt, Baltic Development Forum, BioTop Berlin-Brandenburg, BioCon Valley and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Press contacts: Mr. Jan-Christoph Napierski, Royal Danish Embassy +49 3050502211 Mr. Jørgen Christensen, Baltic Development Forum +45 60218580 Mr. Peter Frank, ScanBalt + 45 27141078


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