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Content archived on 2023-03-02

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Electrochimat – Results at the end of the third stage of implementation

Electrochimat, a complex project of basic research on the properties of the composite materials, is now at the end of its third stage of implementation.

During this phase, fundamental research for the selection and optimization of the nano-structured composite materials obtained by electrochemical methods has been conducted. After the general characterization of the materials and the assessment of their aimed properties, the materials exhibiting the best properties, as compared to usual materials, were selected. The following activities, planned to take place in the next stage of implementation, are dedicated to the assessment of the results’ contribution to the sustainable development. The consortium of the project is formed by experienced research workers from well-known Romanian universities and research institutes, such as the University Politehnica of Bucharest, the Institute of Physical Chemistry “Ilie Murgulescu”, the Mechanical Engineering and Research Institute, the National Institute of Materials Physics, the National Institute for Research and Development in Microtehnologies and the Center for Microbiological Bio-technologies. Partner in the consortium is also FM Management Consultancy, a private consultancy company responsible for the dissemination of the project’s results. In order to promote the project and its results, a number of actions were launched such as posters and brochures, update of the project's website articles published in specialized newspapers. The project is financed by the National Authority for Scientific Research under the CEEX – Excellence in Research programme. For more information please access


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