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Content archived on 2023-03-02

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European Research Draws the Attention of Industry Leaders

The BEinGRID initiative is drawing attention from top businesses interested and involved in the use of Grid solutions, utility-like models and enterprise computing. The project, which has been running since June 2006, is organizing an event that will be attended by big names from both sides of the Atlantic.

The research project will be showcasing the most relevant results from 18 pilot implementations that are employing Grid technologies in practical, innovative and profitable ways within a number of economic sectors – including those not traditionally associated with Grid, such as filmmaking and architecture, as well as advancing capabilities in the industries already associated with the technology, such as finance, chemistry and computational fluid dynamics. As a result, the event is drawing the likes of Paul Strong from eBay and Carl Kesselman of Univa UD, who is recognized globally as a father of Grid computing. The opening keynote presentation will be delivered by Diego Pavia, CEO Atos Origin Iberia, together with Werner Vogels, Vice President and CTO of In addition, speakers from Platform Computing, IBM, Logica, BT, GridSystems, AXA, the European Commission and the Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT), among others, will address the assembled audience composed of key personal from SMBs and big business, as well as key personnel active in Europe’s research programme. Project Coordinator Santi Ristol from Atos Origin commented “The participation of so many internationally recognized experts from across Europe and the United States is indicative of the major contribution that European research is providing to Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) and to finding creative and practical ways to apply the technology to new business challenges. This event will demonstrate that Grid technology is business-ready and will open the door for greater uptake by the commercial sector”. The event, BEinGRID Industry Days, will be held at the Barceló Sants Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, 3rd - 5th of June. It is co-located and in parallel with the Open Grid Forum’s OGF23 (2nd - 6th of June), which also includes access to the BEinGRID event. For further information see