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Content archived on 2023-03-02

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Technology Requests from Egypt promoted to European companies and research organisations

With the support of the EuroMed innovation & technology Programme, Medibtikar, Egypt is in the process of becoming a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

EEN is the largest innovation and business support network in the world. It includes more than 500 contact points for entrepreneurs. It provides a full range of support services in close proximity to SMEs, covering the whole EU territory and beyond. In parallel, Medibtikar trained designated Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Egypt staff to carry out technology transfer services, e.g. by holding several training sessions on how to interview client organisations in order to detect technology needs and surplus and to compile technology offer and request profiles. This is the first step in enabling MEDA business support organisations to carry out technology transfer services. Technical assistances and trainings will be offered on how to deal with Expressions of Interest, on how to negotiate and close technology and industrial partnership deals. In the publication “the future is smart” produced by the EuroMed Info Center, Dr Hany Barakat, First Undersecretary for Foreign relations and international agreements and Head of Technological Development Sector, Ministry of Industry & Trade, acknowledges “the contribution that Medibtikar is making to linking the efforts of technology transfer in Egypt, the Mediterranean countries and Europe”. To his mind “the establishment of a brokerage unit will open up a lot of channels of business opportunities between European and Egyptian companies". The first five Technology Requests from Egyptian companies active in the areas of food, natural remedies, textiles and clothing, and marble have been produced.They were promoted inter alia in the “Innovation News” , Enterprise Europe Network Saxony Newsletter, July 2008 edition, , a newsletter sent by EEN Saxony to its client organisations comprising more than 1000 companies and research organisations. As an outcome of this publication, two expressions of interest were made by two different German SMEs active in environmental technologies to meet the Egyptian needs. In addition other expressions of interest are being dealt with, e.g. with an Estonian research institute addressing a request for the Egyptian marble sector. Medibtikar will keep you informed about any future technology and industrial partnership. Medibtikar, the EuroMed Innovation and Technology Programme has been initiated by the European Commission, and supervised by European Commission Delegation in Cairo. It runs for three years and has a budget of €7.3 million and will disseminate innovative practices by developing exchanges between planners, policy makers and stakeholders in the MEDA region and also build and strengthen relationships with European public and private partners through the establishment of strong and active networks. To obtain more information about Medibtikar, please visit Medibtikar website where you can get the latest updates on programme activities.


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