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JST Call for Proposals to fund Researchers in Japan

Pilot case for the future: for the first time a third country funds its researchers to participate in EU projects under the theme Environment including Climate change

JST, has launched a call for proposals for researchers in Japan involved in EU research consortia under 6 topics (see below) of the Environment theme of the 7th EU Research Framework programme (FP7). Researchers in Japan who apply to the EC call for proposals should also apply to the JST call for proposal and submit their own research plan to possibly receive JST funding following JST peer-review evaluation. It should be noted that researchers in Japan involved in consortia selected by the EC will not necessarily be supported by JST, as this depends on outcome of JST evaluation. The 6 FP7 Environment research topics concerned by the JST call for proposals are: ENV.2009. Risk, prevention and management of urban floods ENV.2009. Water management and climate change impacts in the long-term perspective ENV.2009. Adaptation of water supply and sanitation systems to cope with climate change ENV.2009. Technologies for improved safety of the built environment in relation to flood events ENV.2009. Innovative coastal defence technologies ENV.2009. Improved Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods (LCIA) for better sustainability assessment of technologies Detailed information is available the EC web site ( The JST call for proposals is open from 24 September 2008 to 8 January 2009 (same deadline as the EC call for proposals) The JST maximum budget per participant is 22.5 million yen (approx. EUR 150,000) for three years. More information is available from the JST web site: in Japanese in English"