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Integration and Diversity in Europe

A successful joint seminar on Diversity, Civic Participation and Sustainability between the CINEFOGO Network of Excellence and the SUSDIV Network of Excellence was held in Copenhagen 1-3 October 2008.

The meeting brought together scholars within the two EU Networks of Excellence with colleagues from other European institutions working on civil society, citizenship, civic participation, diversity and multi-cultural issues; and with NGO-representatives and journalists with practical experience of the issues. The aim was to draw upon a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives in order to examine the meaning that citizenship and participation actually has in people’s live and the ways in which people’s social and cultural backgrounds and material circumstances affect their lives as citizens and to explore how different European welfare systems are managing cultural diversity and social integration in the context of globalisation. Two plenary speakers introduced the joint seminar: Charles Westin from CEIFO, Stockholm University presented his thoughts about Membership, Citizenship and Participation and Peo Hansen from REMESO, Linköping University, Sweden talked about the Migrant Integration Policy in the EU’s Hague Programme. Afterwards different studies on for example human rights, co-development, transnational strategies of migrants, diversity in health-care, diversity at work and creative cultural dialogue were presented by several european researchers. Ongoing discussions took place and a round table with practitioner commentators was set up the last day. The joint seminar will provide policy makers and representatives of Organised Civil Society (OCS) with instruments and tools for managing cultural diversity as a key element in citizenship and sustainable development. Plenary presentations and all of workshop papers are available to download from the CINEFOGO outcomes database: Source web: If you are interested in hearing more about the seminar or some of the topics, do not hesitate to contact scientific communications consultant Ellen-Kristina Kristensen on telephone number +45 4674 3307 or mail


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