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Publication on Social Citizenship Rights

The CINEFOGO Network will come out with a publication dedicated to changes in national social policies and their impact on Citizenship in August 2009.

For a long time social citizenship rights in many European countries were developed and built up alongside with continuous growth and increasing levels of prosperity. However, the situation is now marked by changes that do not only touch the economy and demography but also the inherited culture and lifestyle. Prof. Ann-Marie Guillemard from Université Paris Descartes, who is one of the responsible of the research, says: “Many of these changes have an impact on social rights and entitlements and consequently, both public policy makers and the citizens have to deal with new risks linked to different ways of working and living. So generally speaking the field of social policy becomes an arena for changes that are concerning social citizenship rights in the first place but moreover citizenship at large”. The planned publication will be portioned in a more theoretical ‘general section’ and in a section that deals with ‘country cases’ from Western and Eastern Europe. CINEFOGO researchers suggest The CINEFOGO Network sees a need on the EU level for debating how national discourses and international debates, both in the public, among politicians, experts and administrators, interact. On the national level it’s important to make reference to welfare politics that have taken shape cross nationally like e. g. concepts of an ‘activating’ state and concepts of social policies that are centred more on social investment rather than the preservation of goods and entitlements. Researchers in the CINEFOGO Network have discussed several different frameworks for analysing social citizenship in nowadays society. Among these are Dr. Håkan Johansson and Dr. Bjørn Hvinden who have been searching for a Post-Marshallian Framework. See their working paper on All workshop papers are available to download from the CINEFOGO outcomes database: If you are interested in hearing more the topic, do not hesitate to contact scientific communications consultant Ellen-Kristina Kristensen on telephone number +45 4674 3307 or mail


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