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Content archived on 2023-03-06

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Including Seniors in the Information Society

The SENIOR project has published a book "Including Seniors in the Information Society" with a forward by Commissioner Viviane Reding. The publication includes 28 World Leading Expert Talks on Privacy, Ethics, Technology.

“I welcome this book generated by the SENIOR project, which presents interviews on Privacy, Ethics, Technology and Ageing with 28 world leading experts. These interviews are an example of a fruitful dialogue”, in her foreword, it is with these words that Commissioner Viviane Reding greets the publication of the book Including Seniors in the Information Society 28 World Leading Expert Talks on Privacy, Ethics, Technology, and Aging just published in the scope of the project THE SOCIAL, ETHICAL AND PRIVACY NEEDS IN ICT FOR OLDER PEOPLE: DIALOGUE FOR A ROADMAP (SENIOR), an FP7 support action funded in the scope of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) programme. Many are looking to ICT as a means to keep the elderly engaged in society, to enable them to live autonomously, and to resolve a wide range of medical issues. While the benefits of ICT can be extraordinary, they come with many social, ethical, and privacy considerations that must be taken into account. To better understand the issue, the SENIOR project consulted twenty-eight leading global experts from the fields of e-Health, gerontology, technology, sociology, biomedical ethics, robotics, care giving, governance and the arts, coming from a multitude of countries, disciplines, and cultural backgrounds; from prominent futurists like Mr Alan Greenfield, to leading ethicists , such as Prof. Rafael Capurro; to users’ representatives, like Ms Renée Coen; to international experts of eHealth, such as Mr. Hiroshi Shimada. They speak about aging, accessibility, design, ICT in the workplace, caring for the elderly, e-Health, telemedicine, robotics, privacy, universal rights and policy. “The challenges posed by including the elderly in the Digital Society require a multidisciplinary and pluralistic approach. This book has been a contribution in that direction” states Emilio Mordini (editor of the book and coordinator of the SENIOR project) in the books conclusion.


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