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South Moravia to Design New Research Infrastructure

1 Mio.€ for the SynBIOsis project under Czech coordination Partners in South Moravia (Czech Republic) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) join their efforts to increase the economic relevance of research infrastructures

South Moravia is preparing a number of ambitious projects, including projects of research infrastructures, especially in the field of life sciences and material research. Research infrastructures bring direct and indirect effects to the hosting region: increased employment rate of highly qualified personnel, increased attractiveness for foreign direct investments, accelerated exchange of information and know-how due to increased international mobility of researchers and, finally, creation of spin-off companies exploiting the results of its R&D. The two partner regions in the SynBIOsis project share a vested interest in the research fields at the crossings of life sciences and ICT. The Italian region has an existing unique research infrastructure in place (AREA Science Park with the Synchrotron Radiation Facility ELETTRA, a Free Electron Laser source currently under construction and the bio-nanotechnology infrastructure BINASP funded under RTD FP6), South Moravia is in the process of designing its new research infrastructure (major project being CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology), which is planed to be funded primarily from EU Structural Funds and the RTD Framework Programme and will draw from the experience of other EU regions in opening up research infrastructures to collaboration with private companies. Better performance can be achieved through mentoring. The design of the new infrastructure to be built in South Moravia will be shaped to increase its economic relevance and its tight integration in the local economy. The new research infrastructure will be opened up to commercial projects from the very beginning, in particular those carried out by pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. It is expected that the new research infrastructure will have a positive impact on several hundreds of scientists working in the field of life sciences and on several dozens of companies located in the region and in the whole Central European area. The SynBIOsis project is coordinated by the South Moravian Innovation Centre (Jihomoravské inovační centrum). Funding has been granted by the EC under the "Regions of Knowledge" programme for 2009-2012. PROJECT COORDINATOR: Zlatuše NOVOTNÁ Jihomoravské inovační centrum, z.s.p.o. zájmové sdružení právnických osob U Vodárny 2 616 00 Brno Czech Republic tel: +420 724 018 378 fax: +420 541 143 011 mail: Internet:


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