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Insights from Bulgaria: A new National Supercomputing center opened

National Supercomputing Center provides university, government, and industrial researchers with access to several of the most powerful systems for high-performance computing, communications and data-handling available to scientists and engineers nationwide for unclassified research. The center provides networking, research and educational resources to a diverse research comminuties

The main aims of the Center are: 1. Establishing of national library for applied software 2. Creation of environment for supercomputing applications in the areas of : a. Biochemistry and molecular biology; genomics and proteomics; molecular medical research; drug design; b. New materials, products and technologies; c. Simulations an modeling of energy capacities, energy effectiveness; d. Geophysical processing and modeling of three sized structures; e. Modeling of gas and petrol basins. 3. Training, technical and research expertise and access to high-performance computing facilities to students and teachers and both the university-level and corporate research communities 4. Offering short study visits 5. Consultations by our experienced staff for solving various technical problems; 6. Individual one-on-one consulting including software recommendations, formulation of the problem, or optimization of a single processor performance, as well as communications support; 7. Hotline, where the experiences consultants of the Center can answer technical questions The Supercomputing Center can also develop on order or on interest workshops and the visualization experts can transform your data into images, slides or animations and will advise you on the use of graphics software. The center can provide storage for data generated at external sites General Technical parameters: 2048 processing modules; 8192 processors; Productivity per module 13.6 Gigaflops General productivity – 28 Teraflops Memory volume- 4 terra bites Volume of transferring information – 5.1 gigabit/s