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Content archived on 2023-03-06

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Ideal-ist – the worldwide Partner Search Network is open for Call 5 plus the three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Ideal-ist, the international partner search network for Information and Communication Technology provides its online partner search tool for the 5th Call of the 7th Framework programme (FP7) plus the three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Proposers to these four calls will be helped to find appropriate partners and coordinators for their projects by the Ideal-ist network.

Ideal-ist, the most successful international partner search network for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) opened its partner search tool for the fifth call of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) plus the three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Ideal-ist has 13 years of experience and in recent years a success rate of almost 100%. This means almost everybody who launched a partner search via Ideal-ist, found a key partner for their project. With help of the experienced Quality team, every partner search will be checked against predefined criteria. It will then be published with a Quality Label in more than 60 countries worldwide, so more than 60.000 contact addresses can be reached. This also means support for the project proposer, enhancing the chances for a positive evaluation by finding appropriate partners. In addition this generates valuable feedback from the Quality Team that can be used to improve the whole project idea. Also for the three Public-Private Partnerships "Factories of the Future" (is targeting the manufacturing industry), the “Green Cars" (initiative for the automotive sector) and the "Energy-efficient Buildings Initiative" (is targeting the construction sector at large) Ideal-ist nominated a Quality team to assist Proposers in searching for partners. Every proposer receives at least 35 responses from interested partners from all over the world who are interested in joining the consortium. This unique feature distinguishes Ideal-ist from most other available partner search facilities. It proved to be successful in the first four Calls of the 7th Framework Programme. Furthermore, Ideal-ist also provided its services to the Joint Call ICT Security, Fet Open Calls, the two ARTEMIS and ENIAC Calls, the Energy Joint Call and the ICT PSP Calls. Proposals which had been quality checked by Ideal-ist, performed much better in the European Commission’s evaluation. They received better evaluation results than proposals without a quality labelled partner search. It has been noticed, that small and medium enterprises (SME) especially, but also Newcomers and potential participants from non-EU countries, are faced with problems in participating in European Framework projects. Common obstacles that can obstruct participation are a lack of experience and a lack of contacts and awareness. Once these obstacles have been overcome and a project proposer participates in a funded project, many barriers to future participation are reduced. The most successful proposers are those with previous project experience. With the unique quality labelled partner search tool and the support of the whole network of National Contact Points, newcomers and less experienced organisations will be given guidance on how to get started in FP7. They will establish contacts with research organisations, which are experienced in European research projects. With the launch of the three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), many advantages are provided to proposers. e.g. a multi-annual integrated work programme with a pre-defined budget, ensuring continuity and allowing industry to make long-term investment plans, a cross-thematic approach going from basic and applied research through to validation and large-scale demonstration- with an increased emphasis on impact and exploitation, increased opportunities to support innovation in SMEs and a single-stage submission of proposals leading to a faster evaluation process and time to contract. These Cross thematic calls will end on the 3rd of November; the fifth call closes earlier than was previously announced: Deadline is 26 October 2009.


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