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RESERVOIR Leading the Future of Cloud Computing

The approach on Cloud infrastructure management developed by RESERVOIR was demonstrated this week at the Cloudscape II workshop in Brussels. Through this, the RESERVOIR project financed by the European Commission is highlighting the purpose and advantages of using Cloud Computing technologies, and its actual benefits to Industry.

The European Commission (EC) recently highlighted, in an Expert Group’s Report on the Future of Cloud Computing, the need for coordinated open source deployments between Research and Industry. This is to promote the use of flexible commercial Cloud-based services infrastructure offerings. The RESERVOIR (Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers) European Framework Programme (FP7) project, now in its third year, has taken a significant organic growth in this perspective through the development of open architecture and interfaces and open source software. These are available as downloadable specifications and tools encompassed under “the RESERVOIR Framework” which presents a blueprint to help businesses build on-demand infrastructure services, at competitive costs, across disparate administrative domains, while assuring quality of service. The RESERVOIR Framework The RESERVOIR approach, led by a group of strong industrial partners and skilled academic partners, is focusing on the federation of Clouds at the infrastructure level, to enable on-demand delivery of IT services at competitive costs without requiring a large capital investment in infrastructure. With this approach, end-users can run their applications on virtual machines over the cloud, and are relieved of the need to own and manage physical resources. The software and specifications that are being released by the project as part of the RESERVOIR Framework offer users an opportunity to build public and private clouds by choosing specific components available from the RESERVOIR Framework. Standard Interfaces for Cloud Management - the Next Step to Cloud Consumption Interoperability is important to users and RESERVOIR is working closely on standard interfaces for the remote management of cloud infrastructures, working with various standards bodies including DMTF and OGF between the Virtual Infrastructure Management and the Cloud Management layers. The validation and use of open interface standards by RESERVOIR aims to promote adoption by Cloud customers. RESERVOIR Results Presented at Cloudscape Workshop RESERVOIR project results were presented at the Cloudscape II workshop on February 22-23, 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. RESERVOIR highlighted the purpose and advantages of using Cloud Computing technologies, and its actual benefits to Industry. OpenNebula as a Reference Basis for Virtual Infrastructure Management OpenNebula is an open source software application toolkit for building Cloud deployments. OpenNebula is one of the technologies being enhanced in the RESERVOIR project as a service solution for Cloud management. Visit the new, dynamic RESERVOIR website at The main features cover accessing components of the RESERVOIR Framework, learning about how RESERVOIR open source software and specifications may be used to build a federated Cloud infrastructure. Other add-ons include: blogs from high-level experts, focused publications, featured articles and videos on RESERVOIR, offering the user a selection of RESERVOIR opportunities. For more information, please contact: Bérengère Fally -


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