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New web-portal for S&T cooperation between the EU and Ukraine online

In March 2010 the S&T Gate UKR.EU has been launched which aims to identify and analyze the S&T potential of EU-Ukraine Cooperation (

S&T Gate UKR.EU is an information platform designed to: - intensify international cooperation in Science and Technology, - facilitate the networking of research organizations and institutions in the Ukraine and the European Union, and - promote the scientific dialogue between Ukraine and EU Member States. S&T Gate UKR.EU provides: - detailed and up-to-date information on the political development in the field of Research and Technology in Ukraine and the EU, - a database with more than 200 Ukrainian key S&T institutions, - a pathfinder, helping you to identify the most appropriate partner search tool and partners, - information about collaborative projects and programmes and calls relevant for cooperation between EU and Ukraine. The platform addresses researchers, developers and scientists who are interested in carrying out cross-border research projects and gaining experience in cooperating with the European Union. S&T Gate UKR.EU is also aimed at decision-makers in politics and the private sector. The platform offers you the opportunity to actively take part in the exchange of information . The portal has been developed and financed by the BILAT-UKR project (


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