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Content archived on 2023-03-23

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Setting The Scene of an EU-Brazil Common ICT Market for Research and Business Development

Cloudscape Brazil, 20 October 2014, Rio de Janeiro, took a practical look at some of the major barriers to the adoption of cloud computing, exploring pathways for closer collaboration between Brazil and Europe on issues of common interest.

Encouraged by the success of the Cloudscape Europe series, now in its seventh year, the EU Brazil Cloud Connect project rolled-out the first edition of Cloudscape Brazil, within the remit of EUBrazilCloudConnect project on 20 October 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. Cloudscape Brazil set the bar high on serious policy issues around taxation, bandwidth, energy pricing and data protection, which are slowing down cloud adoption in Brazil. High on the agenda was the ambition to shape cloud developments in both Brazil and Europe by bringing insights into current market trends, challenges slowing down mainstream adoption of cloud services and best practices to address them. Scientific collaborative stories so far. Climate change, biodiversity, neglected diseases and cardiovascular diseases all have devastating effects, especially on poorer segments of society. International communities working on climate change research, biodiversity and eHealth offered clarity on how e-infrastructure powered by the cloud and high performance computing are already changing the way we do research and offered examples of benefits they are gaining. Data & Data Access. How do we ensure preservation and access? How do we ensure integrity and reliability of data? How do we deal with privacy in the research context? Mobilization of data and data access are key factors, being Brazil an interesting source of potential new data for Europe (and vice-versa) in strategic fields. For example, Brazil is a powerful aggregator of biodiversity data, with national libraries, institutional and university repositories as the custodians of unique sources of data. Unleashing this data will also strengthen collaboration opportunities between the research groups in Europe and Brazil in the general “green” movement, encompassing agriculture. RNP Strategy for the Implementation Of The Brazilian Academic Cloud. A cloud strategy for the Brazilian research and education network (NREN) was a key feature. Led by Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP), José Luiz Riberio Filho, RNP Director of solutions, offered insights into RNP’s strategy to deploy and operate cloud services in collaboration with Brazilian public universities and research institutions, i.e. the Brazilian Academic Cloud. RNP is now speaking to cloud service providers and Start-Up Brasil on future collaborations to further improve its service offer. Connecting with big business and small business. Web entrepreneurs, start-ups and ICT-savvy SMEs are the innovators taking new products and services to market, creating new jobs and boosting economic growth. Both Brazil and Europe are making significant investments to create a healthy environment where new businesses can flourish. Cloudscape Brazil connected the Start-up Brasil programme with Start-up Europe, offering a showcase of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that are gaining from the benefits of cloud to go to market quickly. Large companies are also playing their part in supporting entrepreneurs, of which Wayra, Telefonica’s startup accelerator is just one example. What’s more, the involvement of large companies can also bring the thought leadership on potentially new co-operation between Brazil and Europe, which will enable the creation of new applications to tackle societal challenges. About Cloudscape Brazil 2014 was hosted on 20 October 2014 at the Auditorium Prédio RDC (Computer Science Department), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event was officially supported by strategic economic and business actors: Startup Brazil programme and both its accelerators, 21 212 and Outsource Brazil; Engineering do Brasil, Wayra, Microsoft and IBM Brazil; and by key alliances, associations and organizations such CSA, INRA France and OW2.